Life-changing money: The 10 most expensive NFT devices ever sold

Life-changing money: The 10 most expensive NFT devices ever sold – Mail Bonus

An inflexible token, or NFT, is proving to be a treasure trove of millions of dollars. An example of NFT raising more than $ 69 million or a tweet that returns $ 2.9 million is not a fantasy but an incredible reality.

In 2021, NFT was sold by digital artist Beeple, or Mike Winkelmann, for as much as $ 69 million, making NFT the most popular media and opening floodgates for a number of other NFT sales, many of them for millions of dollars. Due to much discussion about NFT, stars like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Eminem, Grimes and many more have stepped on the NFT bandwagon.

By 2022, NFTs have been attracting the attention of investors, artists and collectors alike. Let’s look at the 10 most expensive NFTs sold so far:

Beeple’s Crossroads – $ 6.6 million

Sold through Nifty Gateway, Beeple’s NFT Crossroads came in response to the US presidential election in 2020. The work shows a desperate man, believed to be Trump, lying on the ground and representing a former president after losing the election.

There were also two videos on Crossroads, one with the victorious Trump and the other solemn. What would ultimately play out depended on the outcome of the election.

Ocean Front – $ 6 million

Due to the climate crisis, Ocean Front shows trees on top of trailers and transport containers located on a platform. The motto “Together we can solve this”, was offered to NFT for charity and the recipient was the Open Earth Foundation, a non-profit organization.

One of the most valuable NFTs of the time, the Ocean Front, started bidding at $ 2.77 million. The winner of the bid was Justin Sun, founder of the Tron Foundation.

Right Click and Save As Guy – $ 7.08 million

Snoop Dogg bought XCOPY’s NFT Right Click and Save As Guy, created to ridicule people who are unfamiliar with the value of cryptocurrencies.

Right-click and Save As Guy serve as a reminder that there are receipts associated with the list that can not be copied, thanks to blockchain technology and not the image itself.

CryptoPunk # 7804 – $ 7.57 million

CryptoPunks are a combination of 10,000 unique people hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, and no two CryptoPunks are exactly alike, which makes them very valuable. CryptoPunk # 7804 stands out for having some rare features throughout the library.

These properties include Alien skin, which is only 0.09% of the collection. Pipe is another feature, present with only 3% of the collection. The small tones are another feature that only 4% of the collection has. It is also the cap forward feature, which is on only 3% of NFTs. These features make CryptoPunk # 7804 so rare, making it one of the best-selling NFT devices.

CryptoPunk # 3100 – $ 7.58 million

As one of the nine Alien Punks, CryptoPunk # 3100 also features Alien Skin, a large feature that pushes the value of the token. NFT with bluish green skin also gets a unique look with white and blue hairband. The fact that only 406 out of 10,000 in the museum have a headband underlines its rarity.

CryptoPunk # 3100, first released in 2017, gained popularity with a $ 2 million bid in March 2021 and was eventually purchased for $ 7.58 million in the same month.

CryptoPunk # 7523 – $ 11.7 million

Like other expensive NFTs in the series, CryptoPunk # 7523 also has a number of rare features. It’s part of the Alien sub-collection. CryptoPunk # 7523 stands out with three features that 24% of the collection possesses and an earring, which is only in 25% of the collection.

Other rare features include a knitted cap, but the medical mask shares only 2% of the collection. But even if these rare ones are taken into account, the price is 11.7 million dollars which it got fascinating.

Human One – $ 28.9 million

Human one is designed by Beeple and is a digital and physical hybrid work. A peculiar fact about Human One is that its artwork continues to change over time. Beeple maintains remote access to the artwork and updates it regularly.

NFT shows an astronaut navigating through different backgrounds that changes over time. Experiments by mixing different TVs in different shapes and patterns affect the look of NFT.

Watches – $ 52.74 million

The clock was set to raise money to defend Julian Assange after his controversial imprisonment in May 2019. He was facing charges of espionage for his links to WikiLeaks, a website he founded. The clock shows the number of days Assange had been behind bars.

More than 10,000 supporters own shares in NFT, which has a price tag of $ 56 million. The recipient of the NFT was the Wau Holland Foundation, which has supported the Assange cause.

Everyday: The First 5,000 Days – $ 69.3 million

Beeple’s second creation, the first 5,000 days, is a huge collection of 5,000 works of art that differ in content, medium and style that Beeple created every day since 2007. These works of art have often relied on dystopian or satirical situations. been very appreciated by amateurs.

To date, it has been the most expensive collage of NFT artwork sold to a single owner.

Merger – $ 91.8 million

The Merge is created by artist Pak and tops the most expensive NFT ever sold. Although the artist has never really revealed his identity, they have a great presence in the digital art space.

The Merge is not a stationary work of art, but a mixture of “mass” that anyone interested could buy. Initially, the NFT consisted of three large dots on a black background. The size of the points increased as the number of buyers increased.

The road ahead

A few months into 2022, NFTs are still strong. Without maximizing how high the NFT price could go, this cryptographic domain offers lucrative opportunities for anyone who might be able to work on the right projects and show a little patience.