Live forever in Metaverse with the new technology from Somnium Space

Live forever in Metaverse with the new technology from Somnium Space – Mail Bonus

Metaverse has brought us a lot of innovations. Just when we thought blockchain, DeFi, DAOs and P2E could be all the features we would get, immortality entered the queue. Yes, it may sound like a sci-fi concept, but Metaverse could step into the realm of the immortal.

Now, what does that mean? Artur Sychov, founder of Somnium Space, is ready to take technology to the next level. The CEO of Somnium Space has shared a heartwarming story about his father and how his children could never get to see their grandfather. This has prompted the idea of ​​exploring Metaverse’s potential for digital immortality.

Utilization of AR / VR

Many people today feel like they are from sci-fi. If you travel 10-20 years back in time and tell people about the technology we have today, they will not believe you. As human beings, we continue to pursue excellence and have also achieved many impossible achievements.

Another notable example is AR / VR. It is fast becoming an everyday “norm”. You probably can not even remember the promotion when it was first introduced.

AR / VR can make you feel like you’re in another world by stimulating your senses. At first, it was just a feeling of balance and visual perception. Now companies are working to add other emotions such as suffocation, pain and more.

The Resurrection of Legends

Over the years, we have tried to revive famous personalities, either through computer games, animations or other media. These include JFK, Michael Jackson and The Notorious BIG Not only the dead, but we have tried to copy those who live in various game worlds and animations.

It is said that hologram programs and innovations in the opposite parts are in the process of reviving these legends. How is that possible?

That’s all the data

Returning to Somnium Space and Sychov’s ambitions. They plan to expand into Metaverse, leverage blockchain capabilities and produce digital replicas of people who have died.

Finally, you could meet people who are long gone. It is primarily available for families who want to resurrect their loved ones and communicate with them in the digital world through AR / VR capabilities.

To make this innovation a reality, Somnium Space is working on data collection.

  • The data collected will copy idioms, gestures, walks and other aspects.
  • It will completely replace the personality and appearance of an individual in the virtual world.
  • In the future, there are possibilities for development for these digital units.
  • The development will give it a more resilient feeling. As if the dead had never left us, only moved into a virtual world.
  • Among other things, digital personalities will change with experience.

Of course, the development and personality enhancements are further into the future. For now, Somnium Space is trying to work on the basic experience.

In the project, they will try to use artificial intelligence and data to provide an experience. An experience where people can meet their loved ones who have died. The experiment will provide as real an experience as possible without the hassle of robots or artificial intelligence.

Possible challenges for Somnium Space

When asked about data protection, Artus Sychov did not back down. He acknowledged that the data would be used extensively in the project. It is an integral part of artificial intelligence digital people who are not alive.

Of course, data collection starts while people are still available. It will only be for the people who volunteer, the families who would like this.

Sychov sheds more light on data privacy and pointed to the dangerous aspects of Facebook, now known as Meta. It collects dangerous amounts of data. However, by highlighting the differences, Sychov said that Somnium Space does not intend to sell any kind of data to third parties.

The data collected by Somnium Space will be distributed and aimed at producing a digital character. It’s about.

Either way, data protection and other similar rules will challenge Somnium Space.

Lack of technological stimulation

Another challenge for Somnium Space would be to use the technology. We are currently relatively limited in the VR / AR world. They will work on a variety of sensory stimuli and cover as “organic” an environment as possible.

Current technology is limited, but that may not be the case for long.

The result – Immortality is the ultimate goal

The ethical aspects of the project could easily be called into question. But if we look at this discussion, Somnium Space is working on something amazing. It could potentially open up a range of possibilities where people can gain immortality through digital versions and more.

Almost like the famous series, Altered Carbon, and more. We are looking at a new frontier that is all possible with Metaverse. We can only predict the other possibilities.

Sychov also pointed out that the goal is not to make a profit and sell NFTs as much, but to achieve his goal of helping people meet their loved ones forever.

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