Make money from craigslist PART TWO

Items that are the Most Profitable on Craigslist

Items which are priced higher, and with
sufficient supplies, are the best products
to be sold and bought on this portal.
Why products which are high priced?
Items priced higher give an opportunity
to earn more profit as compared to low
priced products, assuming that the
amount of total work required is same.
However on the flip side, when you
purchase high priced products, your
chances for loss also increase. So, it is
recommendable to move slowly towards
higher priced products, this would give
you a learning curve as well.
Inefficient market: What is it?
In this sort of market place buyers do not
have ample information about any
product to take a knowledgeable
decision, like what product to be
purchased and at what cost. Or, in
simpler term, this is a less explored
For example, in comparison of Apple
products and furniture, furniture market
would be an inefficient market. As cost
of a new or used Apple product can be
determined from any place, be it a
physical market or online.
Sufficient supply: What is it?
There should be an ample amount of
items you are willing to sell or buy, so
that you could achieve your profit and
income goals.
Considering all the afore mentioned
factors, the following items can be
considered as the top ten items to be
bought or sold on Craigslist.
10. Mobile Phones
Mobile Phones, especially new smart
phones are being sold at a good price in
the used markets. As people frequently
upgrade their phones, their supply is
large. The demand is bigger because it
seems expensive to replace a broken or
lost phone. The mobile phone market is
inefficient because people get their
mobile phones by their carrier provider,
hence obscuring its actual cost from its
real holder.
9. Power equipments/tools
Power apparatus/tools have a large
supply, and numerous fire-sales that
happen when dealers change professions
and put all their equipments on
Craigslist. You can have an additional
benefit, by being able to use the
equipments while waiting for them to be
sold. You can purchase it for a remodel
assignment, and sell it for a profit after
making use of it.
8. Yard tools
Generators, power washers, chainsaws,
weed eaters, chippers/shredders, leaf
blowers and lawnmowers. This can be
mainly profitable, if you know to repair
small engines. Most people leave their
tools and equipments having gas in it
during the winter season which can lead
to carburetor clogging. So people dump
them on Craigslist for almost free or at a
very cheap price.
7. Computers
Netbooks, personal computers and
laptops can be large buys, mainly if you
can repair them too. When the computers
have some fault, people mainly drop
them off at a vastly cheaper price on
Electronic items
High-end electronic items can be sold at
a good price. There are many subcategories that vary in electronic field.
People purchase the item on a whim;
soon get rid of it after hardly using it.
These items can be stored in the house
while waiting for them to be sold out.
Furnishings are very costly, particularly
high-end furniture. Solid wood furniture
is mainly in high demand. Beds, all types
of chairs, dining tables, desks, mirrors,
nice couch etc.
One can earn a good amount of money in
reselling and buying bicycles. After a
few repairs, the value of a bike can
3. Motorbikes and Scooters
Very good deals can be made in buying
and selling motorbikes and scooters.
You can buy the bikes and scooters at a
cheap price in winters and sell them at
higher price in summers.
2. Electrical device
We all use electric device and
appliances, so both their demand and
supply is pretty high. It’s quite easy to
make good profit per appliance,
especially more in the high end
electronic devices.
1. Four wheelers, especially Cars
Cars generally tend to have a huge profit
margin if you can get a good deal. A car
depending on the age, condition, make
and type will range between $5000-
$100,000. If you can get a deal for a car
at half price and give it a couple of
fixes, you have the potential to earn a
couple grand just from closing the deal
for one car.

How to Find Profitable Items to Sell?

You need to focus on the products which
have good demand and supply and even
better profit margins. Appliances can be
the best bid here.
This is the most important aspect as you
require something which keeps you
going for a whole year. People always
change their preferences, tastes and also
have the need to go for upgrades, so
appliances always have a ample supply.
Even the appliance of lowest level can
be sold here.
The market for used appliances is
increasing day-by-day on Craigslist; as
people can purchase them in much lower
cost (1/4th to 1/3rd) than the new ones.
This can help them save a lot of money.
Profit Margin
You need to make sure that you earn
significant amount of profits while
making these transactions. You should
buy products of highest quality and
lowest price (bit rare combination, but
once you learn the trick; you would
locate this very easily). Purchase these
products, clean them properly, rectify
them (if required), and post them again
on Craigslist with a new look. In case
some replacement is required, even the
old part would fetch you some money at
scrap yard.
Be Quick: Delivering – for Sellers and
Receiving – for Buyers
You should go to pick good deals at the
earliest, and same should be the case
when delivering the product. Be swift in
delivering the product. This would
ensure that you don’t lose on good
products and good buyers.
Cleaning the Products
Always clean the products inside out
and make sure that you have complete
knowledge of the items you are willing
to deal in. This would help you crack
some good deals at a very cheap .

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