Matrix NFT - A new era for the film industry and concessions

Matrix NFT – A new era for the film industry and concessions – Mail Bonus

So far, we have seen various artists enter the NFT space with their creations. NFT were primarily art but then turned into music and video assets. NFT projects and games began to flow all over the world. In light of these events, Warner Bros. has managed to break into the NFT world and bring us something value-oriented.

Not the first Warner Bros. concert

The Matrix NFT is not Warner Bros’ first attempt to enter the blockchain world. They have used blockchain technology before for Space Jam and free giveaways. These NFT awards were offered to people around the world as a way of promotion.

The company, however, has recovered long ago. Sony also tried a similar approach with Spiderman: No Way Home Promotion. So we can see that the film industry wants to enter the NFT field.

With previous attempts, Warner Bros. has taken the time to bring us the Matrix NFT. This is in line with the release of the next sequel in the release: Matrix Resurrections. So, let’s dive deeper to learn more about it.

Matrix NFTs – Enter the Matrix Universe

Warner Bros. has teamed up with Nifty to bring you blockchain technology as Matrix NFT avatars. There are a limited 100,000 NFTs available to Palm NFT Studio Network users.

NFT Avatars – New NFT Award

So far, we’ve seen NFT footage, icons, shipments, and games. But we have not seen any official avatar features for the NFT world. People used the NFT they had as avatars or profile pictures. The Matrix Resurrections Avatar changes game in this area.

Designers used the MetaHuman Creator tool from Epic Games to offer such a fascinating line of Matrix NFT.

These NFTs also became the first cinematic IP project to enter the blockchain world. These are the first Avatars.

Exclusive Matrix Resurrections Your Avatar

Corresponding does not represent any of the NFT characters in the Matrix world. These are all unique and ‘your own’ in every possible way. There is a fixed price for NFT avatars. Each cost about $ 50. Since there are only 100,000, the company will make a profit of only $ 5 million at best.

So the goal of the company is not to make a profit but to provide users with an experience. Fans also have a versatile option to purchase the Matrix NFT. You can use the Fiat currency and payment methods such as credit or debit cards. Alternatively, you could also use a cryptocurrency supported by DAI and Palm NFT Studio.

Once you have bought, you come to the waiting room. Nifty’s and Warner Bros. are also there to ensure the best and seamless business.

What to expect from Matrix Resurrections NFT?

Matrix Resurrections NFT are a great way for fan participation. The avatars are launched in two stages:

The first stage

The first sale on November 30, 2021 released a series of basic NFT Avatars. It resembles an ordinary person or an ordinary person trapped in the world of the Matrix. These are all arbitrary NFT. They are only available on the Nifty market.

However, since generation is random, there are many characteristics and transformations. Basically, statistics for each character.

Second level

Users are then given the choice of either a red note or a blue pill. This is somewhat similar to the Matrix setting.

  • If you take the blue pill, the avatars remain locked inside the Matrix, perhaps to enjoy Metaverse.
  • With the red pill, Avatar will turn into a resistance fighter. The avatar will be the same but will be upgraded as a resistance fighter.

Overall, the overall settings are inspired by the Matrix concession.

The future of Nifty and Matrix movie license users on Blockchain World

So, as you can see, you have the power to take the red pill and turn ordinary people stuck in the Matrix into fighters and resistance. Nifty Avatars are unique that will connect users to a fast-growing online community.

Warner Bros.’s goal is to offer a similar experience to the Matrix but spread over the years. It will follow an approach similar to an NFT game project where users can earn or unlock new NFTs. In the same way, they can update their avatars.

There will also be implementation of projects and other challenges in the Matrix world. If this continues and we get more installments from the film, we can expect fans to live through various created situations.

The result for Matrix NFT

Nifty’s CEO and co-founder Jeff Marsilio already agrees with the vision and features that the Matrix concession brings to the table. The President of WarnerMedia Global Brands And Experience, Pam Lifford, also agrees with the potential of NFT technology.

Because the two projects share such incredible insights, we estimate that the NFT settings will increase a thousand times. With it, fans could see a new change in the Matrix universe with digital artists and more.

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