Metaverse Academy - Are educational institutions ready to move to Metaverse?

Metaverse Academy – Are educational institutions ready to move to Metaverse? – Mail Bonus

Meta is ready to launch Metaverse Academy in collaboration with a French company, Simplon. Metaverse Academy will begin next academic year. It will train the first 100 students for free. As a result, each city with the Metaverse Academy will have about 20 students available each year. This is to keep in mind future requirements and Metaverse expansion to create a new discipline. Metaverse Academy’s goal is to create about 10,000 professionals over the next five years.

We are well aware of Facebook’s unmasked attempt to become a central agency associated with Metaverse. Metaverse, the term, has been around for quite some time. However, Facebook announced its name change in October 2021 in Meta. This led to the spread of the Metaverse concept around the world.

Today, many people link Metaverse directly to the digital universe built by Meta, another name for Facebook – this is not the case.

So, Facebook’s introduction of Metaverse Academy could be an attempt to redefine Metaverse and own the concept. But without looking at it negatively, it has the potential to be something spectacular.

What is Metaverse Academy?

Do not let the name mislead you. It is not an academy, or any kind of institution, located in Metaverse in any way. Metaverse Academy is a physical, real-world center, an organization that will focus on the Metaverse curriculum. More specifically, the training will revolve around:

Virtual universe

Creating, enlarging and maintaining virtual worlds for VR / AR and 3D experience would be an integral part of Metaverse Academy’s education. This is to prepare professionals ready to shape the Web 3.0 universe.

Immersive Technologies

By adopting VR / AR, Mutalk microphones and many other similar innovations, education will also focus on enhancing overwhelming technology. This could be revolutionary in finding new ways to make Metaverse more comprehensive for the masses.

Support and assistance

Support and assistance is the backbone of any project. In addition to preparing experts in the Virtual Universe, or Immersive technology, Metaverse Academy will also focus on preparing holistic supporters and professionals. These individuals will be well placed to offer first class support or assistance with development, innovation, maintenance and more.

Not necessarily. An Indian team is developing Invact Metaversity, 21K School. The goal of the forum is to help build Metaverse organizations. Designers have already published a series of exams to teach students. Although the graphics and visuals require some careful tweaking, the company is working on some of the right systems.

Stirring in new ideas – Metaverse University

Even though Metaverse University could be a misleading name, it could get various educational institutions to think about education in Metaverse. After all, Metaverse does not just have to be about digital communication, a comprehensive experience and games. Although play2earn initiatives are common, we might even see Study2Earn. That would be a remarkable approach.

Either way, with the innovation of Metaverse Academy and Invact Metaversity, we could see the dawn of a new chain of Metaverse institutions and education systems.

A Web 2 E-Learning Foundation

There is no doubt that the pandemic has helped to make online learning, or e-learning, the necessary recognition. This has pushed online learning to a new frontier. Studying at home and online lessons are becoming the norm. And while the world may still be exploring this idea, Metaverse could easily be the next step in innovation.

DeSoc SBTs – Education could be closer

The last point to keep in mind is the news of the new Soulbound Tokens. People have already started associating these symbols to show and prove their educational ability. These symbols could, among other things, act as a badge of achievement.

Distributed Community (DeSoc) is also being discussed as something that could evolve. In the same way, there could also be decentralized education in the near future. This could be another idea in the Web 3.0 interface that we could see rise.

Education could be in Metaverse Down the Line

As Meta and Simplon work to prepare new and experienced Metaverse specialists, we could see the growth of Metaverse’s educational institutions over the next five years. At the moment, we are hardly looking at companies moving to Metaverse.

Some examples are MG Motors with their MGverse. Then we have Airtel (a mobile phone company) working on Metaverse Multiplex. Similarly, Yuga Labs is launching its Otherside project and more. Warner Bros., The Matrix NFT, we are hardly scratching the surface of the possibility.

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