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Metaverse’s job opportunities will undoubtedly exceed our expectations, as many individuals will keep their current jobs after the transition to virtual space.

Politicians who want to bring the country back to work and seem to be strengthening the economy have traditionally created jobs. Employment plans have a long and difficult history, ranging from measures to create jobs during the Great Depression to US President Barack Obama’s Employment Act. The government is still as active as ever in creating meaningful jobs for its citizens, but it is unlikely that the next major job creation initiative will come from above.

Rather, it will come from Metaverse, a domain over which most governments have little control and jurisdiction. This virtual world, which exists alongside us physically, is not limited by borders, nor is it the territory of social media companies that have stolen its name.

The Metaverse is a web of interconnected virtual worlds where people can recreate, interact and do business. Users can move freely between games, meeting places and markets as avatars and recreate many of the tasks that were previously only available in meat areas.

Metaverse’s biggest promise, however, is not the ability to dress up in crazy costumes and tweaks in virtual music halls. Web3 will win Metaverse because it will enable these same people to find meaningful jobs across worlds, countries and locations.

Given the ambiguity of Metaverse, it is impossible to imagine a virtual world where millions of people clock in and out to earn a living. However, it is already working on premieres around the (virtual) world.

In the gaming industry – or “GameFi” – virtual pets roam free, with their human owner patting, dressing and guiding them. But it’s not just for fun: players can collect tokens and other items formed in the game and sell them for real money through their metaverses.

Workers from poor countries like the Philippines earn about $ 30 a day doing these tasks on behalf of their employers and collecting tokens with the animals. Owners make money by renting their virtual pets, which saves them the time and effort of collecting tokens every day.

Specialized platforms allow celebrities and artists to experience a virtual experience in Metaverse. Fans could pay to play golf with a YouTube star or gain new skills in a one-on-one session with a thought-provoking leader in a virtual environment. That’s just one more proof of Metaverse’s huge potential.

Not all Metaverse-related work will take place inside it. Many of the tubes and bolts that keep spinning – programmers, designers, testers, and developers – need to be connected. Millions of people around the world today work in offices and factories and the advent of Metaverse will see their jobs change in a virtual environment that is not quite like what they are used to.

Real Estate: In meta-worlds like The Sandbox and Decentraland, virtual land is already selling for millions of dollars. The battle for attractive virtual real estate is fierce – for-profit pixel trading is a specialized profession that will open up a wide range of opportunities for anyone who has an eye for a good story. The actual property will be uploaded on metaverse at the same time, allowing prospective buyers to “walk” around an apartment by the beach on the other side of the globe or view one that is still under construction. “Try before you buy” is the norm in a virtual world where anything is possible.

Fashion: Fashion companies from Louis Vuitton to Nike and Gucci require part of the Metaverse feature and it’s easy to see why. In a world where millions of individuals communicate through avatars, the possibilities for sartorial elegance are endless. Individuals are no longer bound by gender, body shape or originality when it comes to clothing. In Metaverse you can take on any character you like, full of equipment. Fashionistas will pay high dollars to make their avatars in a limited edition from the most trendy brands and models will walk the virtual catwalks.

Music: Metaverse proved its worth in international endeavors, with over 27 million fans tuning in to Travis Scott’s Fortnite concert in 2020, as valuable to small artists as it is to oversized companies. Web3 technologies such as rigid symbols (NFTs) have already been used by enterprising artists to create limited and exclusive recordings and develop personal connections. The introduction of the fully comprehensive Metaverse will take this opportunity to new heights, enabling unlimited ways to generate revenue and attract followers.

Movies: Technology is a double-edged sword that creates new opportunities but also destroys others. Actors who have had their bodies stolen by artificial intelligence and their intellectual property stolen know all too well what this means. In Metaverse, however, the same technology can be used that threatens their livelihoods to enrich them. Imagine a world where voice, TV and movie stars can interact with fans and sell events that are individualized without leaving their Malibu mansion.

When Metaverse comes out and its promises come true, the job opportunities it provides will elevate everyone, from $ 2 an hour to a mechanical Turk to the rich and well-known. You can now go to Metaverse stores with your avatar and get everything from fast food to medical marijuana, and have it shipped to your actual front door. Many people who make a living in Metaverse, such as delivery drivers and food manufacturers, may not be aware that they are supported by a world they could soon discover.

While not everyone will interact and interact with Metaverse, its existence, like the Internet, will enrich our lives. We will all be better off if Metaverse becomes a widespread reality sooner rather than later.

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