MGVerse: Metaverse in development from MG Motors

MGVerse: Metaverse in development from MG Motors – Mail Bonus

  • MG Motors has so far announced the proposal for MGVerse
  • MGVerse is under development. Not released yet.
  • MGVerse will be a complete AR / VR universe for everyone connected to MG Motors.

MG Motors has announced the release of their Metaverse-related MGVerse on June 6, 2022. This date has been quite important for AR / VR development, as Apple also announced that the next stage of its technological development would focus on AR / VR.

At the same time, MG Motos intends to bring all related industries to one virtual platform. It is the first industry to recognize the potential of the rapidly changing virtual world and the need to establish a presence in the segment.

According to a spokesman for MG Motor. MGVerse mun:

  • Connect partners, regulars and workforce.
  • MGVerse will be a complete universe where people can come and work together.
  • The collaboration could be for AR / VR experience, games, development and more.
  • In addition to co-creation, MGVerse will focus on socialization.

“MGverse is our vision for creating our Metaverse, where we and our partners will continually explore, innovate, spin and develop new solutions to continually enhance the future customer experience.”

– Gaurav Gupta, Chief Business Officer, MG Motor India

Different experiences with MGverse:

There are five key sectors in the entire MGVerse. Over time, we may also witness other additions or improvements in these sectors:

Explore And Creator’s Center

In this sector, users will have the freedom to create their favorite MG auto and use it in metaverse. Custom and accessory capabilities will be available. With VR / AR experience, customers can also take the car on a test drive across cities and streets.

Other services include booking MG cars, selecting a real test drive and other customer-centric services, all in this sector.

MG Motors plans to create and release NFT. It’s obvious with their incorporation into the NFT Gallery in MGverse. The site will allow users to view the MG collection. It will have premium cars, NFT and more that users can see.

It’s going to be an NFT project, maybe something like the marketplace we’ve seen on NFT Projects. Corresponding will be a way for users to create and coin their unique NFTs.

But there is a lot left for speculation without any information. How they will balance the economy, the blockchain they will use, the support of cryptocurrency and more is up for consideration.

MGVerse NFT Gallery

The MG Car Club

MGCC is an exclusive membership platform for MG Motor regulators and stakeholders. This will also cover MGverse, where members can connect and participate. They will have access to private events, concerts and benefits for members only.

It could be exclusive NFT drops, airdrops or access to merchandise that will not be available to the masses. After all, we’ve seen a similar membership approach for many other Metaverse projects.

The stadium

It’s interesting to see such a large engine company recognize the potential of Gamification in Metaverse. According to the announcement, there will be something related to MG’s competition history. Ergo, users can use MG vehicles and compete on selected racetracks. This could be the new frontier of racing games on Metaverse.

There could also be other small games and games in full size to entice the younger audience of GenZ and such.

Knowledge Center MG

The Knowledge Center will work on similar methods for e-learning or digital lessons. There will be digital seminars and conferences. Users could download virtual training and more. Even the common people could apply for courses and increase their experience and talents.

However, it will primarily focus on staff and partners.

Accessibility of MGVerse

Interestingly, there is a lack of information about the blockchain technology that they will adopt. That’s if they’re going to use a blockchain. To date, the announcement has stated that MGverse will be accessible on devices such as smartphones and web browsers. It will also work with VR / AR experience, among other things.

So MG Motors works to ensure a high quality experience and comprehensive compatibility. MG Motors has always been a forward-thinking company. It has launched other solutions such as:

  • MG Expert for help
  • MG ePay
  • NFTs
  • Car as a platform

This is all done to enhance the customer experience.

The Bottom Line – A revival for other car companies

MG Motors is the first industrial and automotive company to announce its advances in the digital world. They have recognized the prominent role that this newfound technology will play. And they’re watching Web 3.0 developments.

It is a revival for other car companies to enhance the customer experience. Of course, we could see other clubs come into this division. They could release their versions of the Metaverse or Web 3.0 universe.

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