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Just when we think we have grasped the opportunities that Web3 has to offer its users, another wave comes. Opportunities to earn games are those who reward their players financially for engaging in various forms of exercise, whether it is walking, cycling or something else entirely.

While some may think that the innovation to move to earn must have been due to “play to earn” games, this is not entirely true. Games that require the active physical participation of their players to progress have been around for some time. For example, Pokémon Go from Nintendo, released in 2016, worked so players had to move to capture Pokémon creatures. The creatures only appeared on their screen when players were within reach and players tried to catch them by throwing Poké balls.

Similarly, Move-to-Earn users are encouraged to participate in activities that promote fitness. They receive an award for leading a healthy lifestyle because of their participation. Below you will find an overview of some of the most successful projects to earn. This idea is a fast growing part of Web3 that gives people autonomy over their personal data, as well as the ability to make money on it. Some Move to Earn NFTs are expensive.

Top 5 Move to Earn Games on Web3


You can define a STEP can as a FitFi application to earn, based on the Binance Smart Chain Network that pays you to walk. To participate, users must purchase a total of 19,000 STEP tokens. Once they have participated in the game, users have the opportunity to bet on their STEP symbols for further incentives. You need to take a minimum of 4,000 steps per day to be eligible for the prize.


Calo software uses both GPS trackers and motion detectors to track your workouts and convert them into revenue. You have the option of maintaining any tokens or NFT you get in your built-in wallet, or you can sell them at a profit. You can use the FIT symbol for in-game trading and the CALO symbol for management and utility purposes. Furthermore, you can gain endurance with physical exercise, as each unit lasts for five minutes.


Genopets move to earn app

Players of the Genopets mobile role-playing game will be rewarded with currency in the game and NFT for moving while playing the game. The goal of the game on the Solana platform is to encourage players to live a healthier lifestyle by walking more often. I

Players must purchase Genopet, a computerized animal spirit built into the player’s real personality, to play. It is NFT that has the ability to improve and customize. They evolve as players complete new challenges and update their data, which translates into experience levels (XP).



Sweatcoin is a game that rewards when you walk or run. You get one SWEAT point for every 1,000 steps you take. Next you can buy on the Sweatcoin market with your SWEAT. The market includes electronic products, exercise equipment and gift cards. Additionally, you can use SWEAT to invest in other assets or cryptocurrencies.


METz fitness program at Solana

Using the G-Sensor technology built into each smartphone, Metz monitors the user’s body movements and then translates those movements into real-time data. The growth of the NFT awards it provides depends on physical activity and completing challenges. It is compatible with mobile networks such as Android and iOS and is powered by Solana blockchain.


Even as more and more games to earn are flooding the market as interest in earning on Web3 grows, this is still a great time to check them out. We have listed some of the most popular on the market. You can also read our blog about earning games to learn more about earning with Web3 gaming.

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