New generation P2E with a focus on fashion awareness - Gacha Web 3

New generation P2E with a focus on fashion awareness – Gacha Web 3 – Mail Bonus

While most P2E games focus solely on the economic aspect, Meta Livly is paving the way for a new generation of P2E games by focusing on how players can express themselves and have fun.

Meta Livly is an upcoming P2E service with its own symbol economy from the international IT company that is well known for the avatar coordination service, cocone M. It will be launched in the 3rd quarter, 2022 with its own blockchain platform, MOOI Network.

Meta Livly is the P2E version of the app, successful service with 1 million downloads, unique IP and profitable organization that won the Google Play award for the best app in the entertainment category in 2021.

What makes Meta Livly unique is their token economy and how they aim to distribute profits from Gachas (product purchases) instead of monopolizing it, as other P2E services do. They aim to implement structures to be true to what Web3 has to offer.

The latest P2E model: Gacha Web3

“Gachas” look like a mystery box, where players can pay a certain amount to get a randomly selected virtual object. This feature is something that is implemented in all cocone M services and is the main source of revenue for the company. That’s changing with Meta Livly because they’re introducing a new economic system that uses the Gacha sale to distribute it back to players. Players can purchase NFT from various Gacha themes and fashion items to gain mining rights according to their theme preferences.

It’s an investment. Points are calculated based on the items in the Gacha themes and 75% of the total points are distributed as symbols according to the NFT that the player has. The remaining 25% is returned to players. Players can send their items to the data center (bets) to get scores and prizes depending on how rare the items are. It is possible to distribute sales to players because all aspects of Meta Livly, from the unique lifestyles themselves to the customizable island, can be traded and owned as NFTs.

Other P2E games focus solely on profits and “earn” elements of the P2E model, which does not bring any joy to the actual gameplay, which makes it like a chore to play. Interest in a profit-oriented P2E game has been slowly declining over time, due to volatility, instability and skepticism in the cryptocurrency industry recently.

Evaluate Livly is here to change that. Put in the virtual world, enables players to come together and express themselves by customizing digital assets and connections to the community.

Their platform not only allows players to have fun, but also earn money with their own blockchain-based economic structure, Gacha Web3. By offering a way to really have fun while you serve, cocone M is introducing the world to what metaverse has to offer.

“Getting easier and closer”, user-friendly platform: MOOI Network

Due to the nature of META Livly, which focuses on the coordination of fashion products and cute characters, we take on the task of ensuring that users who do not know blockchain technology can also use and have fun with the service easily. Meta Livly will be launched on MOOI Network by Post Voyager, a cocone subsidiary.

In order for users to enjoy a variety of metaverse services in an easy and convenient way, the MOOI network is focused on using leading UX / UI design, low transaction fees and establishing a high-speed, user-friendly blockchain. This way, more users will be able to use this service and ensuring that users can use it easily while having fun is one of cocone M’s biggest goals.

See here for more information on cocone M

cocone M is a company specializing in metaverse that is unique to the CCP (Character Coordinating Play) brand Cocone.

cocone M expects this industry to become more accessible and expand over time, so they are preparing four additional metaverse related projects so that people with different interests have something to look forward to.

CCP metaverse is starting with the aforementioned service, Meta Livly, but will soon be followed by CCP – Meta Sensil, Generative Art Puzzle – Meta Niagho and animation NFT Market service later this year.

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