NFT Tech invests in Move to Earn (“M2E”) Project Walken to lower barriers to entry on Web3 – Mail Bonus

NFT Technologies Inc. (NEO: NFT | Frankfurt: 8LO) (“NFT Tech”), a leader in bringing distributed ownership, NFTs, and metaverse to the public market, announced today that it will participate in the Walken Move-to-Earn initiative.

M2E is a crypto-culture trend that started with projects like Sweatcoin and Pokémon Go. Walken is part of Web3 Lifestyle Software that combines real-world operations, online gaming and ways to earn cryptocurrency. In this M2E game, the more people move, the more money they get. WLKN tokens used in the game may be reinvested or paid out.

“This sector is growing very fast. One of the market leaders already has a market capitalization of over $ 6B US (STEPN) and people of all ages are still walking around collecting Pokémon on Pokémon Go. Therefore, we are firm in the belief that this is a sector to further enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Whether you’re collecting Pokémon or earning points on your Fitbit, many people are already engaging in earning without knowing it. We are very excited to be involved in this project and we expect the M2E sector to continue to grow, “said Wayne Lloyd, CEO of NFT Tech.

Walken’s success will be aided by the money from NFT Tech and the experience of advisor Adam De Cata in bringing merchandise and other business into the M2E project. The partnership helps Walken explore new protocols and policies. It also helps the team establish important links to strengthen existing ecosystems and find strategic partners to help market the WLKN currency.

“We are pleased to welcome the participation of NFT Tech. Having a public company that supports us helps us to stand out from the crowd. With NFT Tech’s cryptographic knowledge, we see their participation as something much bigger than a simple investment and expect to see further collaboration in the future, “said Alexei Kulevets, Walken’s founder and CEO.

On June 3, 2022, NFT Tech and the team behind Walken signed a contract. Under the agreement, NFT Tech will provide financial support to the Walken project and work with the authors using their extensive experience in cryptocurrency and capital markets, as well as advising on how to use M2E in the larger P2E and Web3 landscape.

By May 2022, STEPN, a similar project, had over 650,000 monthly active users. STEPN is a blockchain-based software that pays people to walk, jog or run outdoors. STEPN makes up to $ 100 million every month, more than double what it made in April and four times what it made in March. About 30% of STEPN users are not cryptocurrencies. This shows that M2E can bring people to Web3, which other services have not been able to do yet.

Around Walken

Walken is a team-created Move-to-Earn mobile app. It monitors the number of steps users make using the motion detection features of smartphones and wearable devices. Users are then rewarded with WLKN tokens that can be used for in-app and NFT games. The same people who did Appyfurious and GetFit Apps also did Walken. It’s all about combining games and cryptocurrency with a healthy, active lifestyle.

About NFT Tech

NFT Tech builds infrastructure, assets, real estate and intellectual property for metaverse. It also builds and profits on P2E and M2E games and gives public markets insights and benefits. NFT Tech is bringing distributed ownership, unchangeable tokens (NFTs) and metaverse into the mainstream by linking traditional financial markets to the Web3 site. Two of his current projects are The GOAT Guild and Fuku.

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