Nifty News: Luxury DAO from Lacoste, Bill Gates criticizes Bored Apes and more…

Nifty News: Luxury DAO from Lacoste, Bill Gates criticizes Bored Apes and more… – Mail Bonus

Lacoste launches NFT and DAO

The accessible luxury brand Lacoste has launched an NFT project called “Undw3” which includes a new Distributed Independent Organization (DAO) that will offer token holders voting rights on specific products and business partnerships.

A total of 11,212 NFTs – in a nutshell to the popular polo shirt L1212 – sold for a coin price of 0.08 ether (ETH) or about $ 96 per pop yesterday.

The NFT images show an animated crocodile driving its head out of the underwater, and the collectibles seem to have been in reasonable demand as the floor price of OpenSea has more than doubled to 0.193 ETH ($ 233).

The company has yet to release any information about its roadmap and utility offered by NFTs hodlers, but has confirmed that DAO will enable users to participate in the “creation process” of various products and partnerships under the Lacoste Underwater line.

Holders will also have access to unique custom features on the Lacoste clothing line, however, it is unclear whether they will have to fork out the money for the products or whether they will receive a certain amount of free products.

Lacoste also hinted via Twitter that it might also be looking at Metaverse integration, but stated “we can say no more about it except: be ready for service.

Not everyone liked the idea of ​​performing Creational Labor.

“So instead of buying your NFT, you get my creative custom ideas for free? And I still need to buy the custom clothing I make? In addition, do I have to attend a meeting? I do not know how I benefit from something here… ” asked OffKeyMagazine on Twitter.

921 ETH profit on Bored Ape

Although the floor price of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT project at Yuga Labs dropped to around 86 ETH this week (under $ 100K), a BoredWEB3 investor paid 1,024 ETH ($ 1.22 million) for Ape # 7537 overnight.

The brand is 921.12 ETH profit for the seller DB1C00, or approximately $ 914,000 in fiat terms, as they bought NFT for 102.88 ETH worth 305,553 on March 22nd. Before that, NFT went for only 40.99 ETH eight months ago.

BAYC NFT # 7537: DappRadar

It is unclear what caused someone to spend over $ 1 million on one NFT within the bear market, but BAYC NFT has relatively rare features including police motorcycle helmet (1% have this feature), Bandolier (2% have this feature) and closed eyes (7% have this feature).

Bill Gates not convinced by a symbolic monkey

Bill Gates, co-founder and billionaire of Microsoft, has stated that NFT projects are “based on the theory of more fools. ”

He made the remarks during a speech at a climate conference in California on Tuesday hosted by TechCrunch, in which case he noted that he was neither tall nor short in the entire sector, and said ironically:

“Of course, expensive digital images of monkeys will greatly enhance the world.

Gates is a well-known crypto skeptic who has criticized Bitcoin (BTC) many times and recently in February warned investors that unless they have as much money as Elon Musk, they should stay away.

“I’m not bullish on Bitcoin, and my general thought would be: If you have less money than Elon, you should probably be careful,” he said.

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The Governor of Colorado is raising money through NFT sales

Colorado Gov. and Democrat Jared Polis launched 2,022 NFT as part of a fundraising campaign ahead of the November Colorado general election.

The NFT photos show Polis standing in front of a rainbow-colored mountain, a pair of hanging sneakers and his dog Gia with a red laser beam that shoots out of her eyes. The tokens were distributed on June 13 and are priced at $ 52.80 each.

At the time of writing, 1895 NFTs are still for sale, and if they sell out, Polis will have accumulated approx. $ 118,893 from this fundraiser.

Other great news

OpenSea announced on Tuesday that it would move to Seaport. Among the many benefits, the protocol states that it will include lower petrol fees, the ability to bid on entire libraries, remove new initial fees for invoices and more user-friendly signature options.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has reportedly launched a survey to find out how cryptocurrencies and potential NFT platforms work to prevent insider trading.