Inflexible air drops: Could the NFA be the next big acronym in the crypto space?

Inflexible air drops: Could the NFA be the next big acronym in the crypto space? – Mail Bonus

Airdrops have become the bread and butter of the cryptocurrency world – not without reason.

They are an essential marketing tool for upcoming projects that want to create buzz around their ecosystems.

Done right, distributing free tokens to the public can help increase demand – and open up big benefits for recipients. After all, if these altcoins are listed on major stock exchanges later, their value could explode.

Unfortunately, the disadvantages are becoming apparent. These campaigns are not just for enthusiasts who passionately believe in what a project has to offer, but for “drop-drop hunters” who are just looking for ways to make a quick profit.

Airdrop hunters usually want to sell the tokens they have received for free – as soon as they can. And for cryptocurrency projects in their very early stages, this can be bad news – undermining carefully cultivated symbolism and causing the value of coins to fall.

The current bear market has also revealed another problem. Many projects are now postponing plans to open new tokens – wait until the economic situation improves slightly. And while this is usually for the benefit of the project and its investors in the long run, it can be disappointing news for those who won tokens in the air. Why? Because they are no longer able to trade freely or liquidate the digital assets to which they are entitled.

So… what is the answer? Is it possible to resurrect air droplets and eliminate some of the disadvantages that have arisen in recent years? And is there a way for hodlers to benefit – even if they have not received a token yet?

How NFTs can shake up air droplets

Currently, projects are trying to alternate between getting promoted and participating in marketing strategies that could harm their ecosystems. How can you get new users to follow your Telegram or Twitter account to be eligible for airtime and encourage them to stay in the community in the long run?

Inflexible air droplets – otherwise known as NFAs – could be the answer here. And as you might expect, they incorporate some of the technology that NFTs rely on to create “win-win” situations for project and airport winners.

NFAs aim to represent the true value of an airline award when the initial DEX auction (otherwise known as IDO) takes place. This is achieved through a model that is not too different from a futures contract – a contract to buy or sell assets that will be activated on a future date.

The only difference is that the NFA issuer promises to deliver the token or other digital assets on a future date. And since each winner of a drop of air ends up receiving a different prize according to this type, there is a unique gift that is immutable.

In this scenario, an inflexible airdrop will feature hardware that allows holders to claim their tokens when a project is launched – in effect, capturing the value of future tokens. Alternatively, you can achieve an immediate return by trading this NFA on a peer-to-peer market. What makes this concept so compelling is that those who opt for immediate business will miss out on the benefits in the long run.

Inflexible air drops can be equipped with exclusive avatars and special benefits, such as discounts and free trial subscriptions to products and services offered by cryptographic projects. Holders could also gain exclusive early access to future properties – and even better, their tokens will be waiting for them when they begin their journey.

Get your cake and eat it

Arken Finance says that it is the mainstay of the world’s first inflexible air drop, an idea that tends to shake up the DeFi landscape immeasurably.

The DeFi trading portal is available on eight networks – and its goal is to equip investors with a greater number of trading tools, all at the same time as friction is reduced.

Arken had launched an air strike campaign back in November 2021, but it was postponed when markets began to cool. Now, it’s pioneering NFAs as a way to ignite tension over their future plans without falling into common traps of air droplets that have surfaced.

Now, 2,000 business contest winners have been awarded their own NFA – each holding a different amount of tokens and each with different benefits. They will be able to recover this cryptocurrency later, but it is full of exclusive benefits to keep them occupied for a while.

“The team strongly believes in this application and is confident that this technology can be marketed to DeFi project owners in the future,” Arken said in a recent blog post.

And while amateurs may have missed the opportunity to own one of the first NFA stations at the beginning of the airport, the project says subsequent rounds are planned in the future.

Some of the benefits include exemptions from fees for the first 24 hours of a business competition – and NFA holders will have their own special points in the competition. In this mini-competition course, they will then be entitled to separate prizes. In addition, exclusive insights and customer service on the freeways are provided through the VIP Discord channel, and owners will be at the forefront of Arken Finance’s premium features.

This is a bold attempt and the one that could unleash a new level of security in cryptocurrency projects that are being launched for the first time. And for those who work for the sake of the drop, it’s far more than just a sign. Not only will they have status icons in the form of special avatars that few members of the community own, but they will also gain enhanced experience through VIP channels and cutting-edge customer service. For those who really believe in the potential of the project, it is a golden powder in itself.

There’s a tension as Arken Finance’s latest experiment continues – and the project hopes “NFA” will be the next acronym to become highly productive in cryptocurrency circles.

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