Platypus Finance (PTP) Explained

Platypus Finance (PTP) explained – Mail Bonus

There are lots of promising projects presented in the crypto and NFT market daily. Finding a successful project to invest in seems to be more difficult these days. However, some projects based on the latest digital world technology are attracting a lot of attention and creating strong communities to support their activities and NFT. Among them is the Playtypus Finance (PTP) project. The project is primarily designed for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. In this article, we aim to review the forum and discuss its NFT project in detail.

What is Platypus Finance (PTP)?

Platypus finance is a unilateral AMM (distributed exchange) that provides the opportunity to trade in stable cryptocurrencies on its blockchain called Avalanche. The Protocol contains a collection of smart contracts that offer higher levels of security, self-preservation, cost-effectiveness as well as censorship resistance. The main products that Platypus offers are StableSwap and motivated liquidity.

Platypus Finance was first launched in 2021 and has revolutionized the DeFi field with its DEX, which provides less landslides, more flexibility and increased capital efficiency. It is based on Curve Finance, the popular currency exchange platform on the Ethereum network. However, Platypus offers better performance with better emissions by optimizing its liquidity portfolios. It also provides cheaper trading due to the use of Avalanche C Chain.

Platypus Finanace and the world of NFTs

PTP also launched a gamified interface called Platopia in May 2022. Platopia allows players to coin and trade with NFT. Thanks to the Platypus AMM algorithm and its innovative team, Platopia seems to help the platform transform users’ communications with distributed exchanges. In fact, by joining the GameFi market, Platypus enables its users to use its original interface that provides an opportunity to become part of the ecosystem in the long run.

Platopia has an interesting story where a broad-nosed survivor of a big snowstorm and starts looking for other broad-minded people to create a new community. In this city-building simulation game, players have to pledge their cryptocurrencies, use their creativity to earn prizes and have fun throughout the game. The game’s roadmap indicates that Platopia is primarily a game interface. However, the development team plans to release a whole world of interactivity with the game.

In Phase 2, according to the roadmap, Platopia is updated and the game’s interaction is created between users within the community. It will be designed to provide players with great benefits and usage. But the most amazing feature that makes Platopia different from other NFT games is that its performance enhances NFT. These features seek to change the way liquidity earners can perform with a variety of benefits and features.

Yield producer NFT

Platypus provides its users with an ideal escrow PTP or vePTP. It is a symbol that facilitates the yield process of liquidity lenders. The result will be a bulky APR that can reach up to hundreds. In addition, there are 10,000 Platypus NFTs to beat, each representing a unique Platypus hero with random features. The minting process combines the properties and creates a level that determines the NFT class.

Platypus properties fall into either A, B, C or D categories as a rating system where A rating comes with the highest rating (4) and D rating gives the lowest rating (1). Higher levels show more effective skills with broad-nosed heroes.

Platypus heroes

Platypus Finanace and the world of NFTs

All platypus heroes are born with their unique abilities. The ability to enhance the performance of a broad horse is directly affected by his skills as well as the NFT score. There are 5 types of skills with the broad-nosed heroes:

  • Speedo skill helps to accelerate vePTP generation in percentage
  • Pudgy capability allows you to increase your vePTP cap by a percentage
  • Talented Skills Offer to Raise VePTP and VePTP Maximum Players by Fixed Amount
  • Diligent skills increase vePTP generation by a fixed amount (up to a maximum)
  • Sleep ability helps player retain part of vePTP when taken off (subject to maximum)

The good news is that the platform allows players to have more than one NFT in the game: However, each address can only be used with one NFT to increase returns. Platopia also offers other options for its players such as an exclusive Discord channel to share official news and drops about the game. All major updates and announcements are also announced on the Discord channel to allow members to be the first to receive the news.

NFT pre-sale in Platopia

Platopia provides priority sales to its members as follows:

  • Priority sales for vePTP holders: owners with a certain amount of vePTP can have the whitelist for NFT coinage. The trend, however, seems to put a limit on typing a maximum of 10 NFTs with each address.
  • Pre-sale for whitelist members: All addresses mentioned in the exemption list can only set up to a maximum of 5 NFT.
  • Pre-sale length: Stains should last for 24 hours and if vePTP holders and whitelisted members fail to enter during the priority sale, the allocated stain will be lost. There will be a general sale for NFT the next day.

final words

Platopia is a gamified interface powered by the Avalanche blockchain. It allows players to pledge their cryptocurrencies and earn rewards by spending fun and enjoyable time online. In addition, it offers its users a high-speed, inexpensive platform. If you want to enjoy this energy-saving platform, join the Platopia community and enjoy the benefits.

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