PopCom Announces First NFT sold in a Vending Machine

PopCom announces first NFT sold in vending machine – Mail Bonus

PopCom has announced that their first NFT sale will take place at NFT.NYC, a meeting of Web3 industry leaders from around the world. The retail technology company partnered with New York City resident Christopher “Knxtti” Green to create a unique set of NFTs to honor New Yorkers. Cartoons of Biggie, Whoppi Goldberg, Mike Tyson, Jay-Z and Donald Trump, to name a few, can be found in ‘The NYCers’ collection. The collector will receive one of ten limited edition NFTs for $ 500, which will include high-resolution physical printing from the NYers collection as well as a QR code that will create digital NFTs. You will have access to special benefits after purchase.

PopCom will bring a local artist to PopShop for the first time, enabling the artist to offer both IRL and digital art on a blockchain with NFT. “Artists now have more ways to generate revenue from their work than ever before,” said Dawn Dickson, CEO of PopCom. “NFTs are very upset and we are now taking that a step further. “PopCom enables artists to present their work simultaneously in the real world and the virtual world without the need for galleries or auctions. Artists can now use automated vending machines to run peer-to-peer sales. ”If PopCom’s sales technology is implemented, this experience could be completely automated and contactless.

The idea of ​​the “NFT drop” was influenced by the “canvas drop”, a cultural phenomenon where fans compete for a limited number of shoes from their favorite designer. “This is a sneaker version for artists,” said Knxtti, an artist on the NFTers line. “Artists at NFT are not used to customers buying their work in person … Because everything is digital and fragmented, my partnership with PopCom fills the void.”

This is the first NFT version of PopCom. The company plans to use PopShop to promote various NFT releases, enabling local artists to sell NFTs in various locations around the country. The artwork will be offered for purchase according to the first-come, first-served basis all week on NFT.NYC, which starts on June 20 at 12 noon. On June 20, the PopCom and Disrupt.Art teams will also make a special announcement about the development of a number of new partners.

NYer Museum

  1. Notorious BIG
  2. 50 cent
  3. Jim Jones
  4. Funkmaster Flex
  5. Stan Lee
  6. Michael Jordan
  7. Mike Tyson
  8. Donald Trump
  9. Jay Z
  10. Nicki minaj
    “This is a Time Capsule statement in time,” Knxtt said

KNXTTI (pronounced Nah-Tee) is an interdisciplinary artist who uses references to pop culture to examine the inconsistencies of human experience, human movement from physical to digital, and social critique. His most famous works are skeletal paintings depicting skinless individuals.

Knxtti began selling NFT in February 2021 to verify ownership of its artwork on the Ethereum network. Due to his success with his own project, he became a salesman for other artists who had difficulty noticing their work. Knxtti has been rated by Kid EIght and Deecosey as a major factor in their digital success.

About PopCom

PopCom, a start-up company founded in 2017, has created advanced solutions that combine technology and customer data collection. The PopShop Local Program connects businesses with high-end customers who are already buying local items at hotels, convention centers, airports, shopping malls and other high-traffic locations. Get local artwork displayed in the world’s finest independent retail machine, with a completely frictionless experience from start to finish.

Dawn Dickson

Dawn Dickson uses her lifelong entrepreneurial ambition, chutzpah, which pushes boundaries and an inherent awareness of technology, business and culture, to constantly accelerate the institutions and brands under her control. The Ohio-born entrepreneur, developer, angel investor and speaker has established himself as a leader in consumer thinking on his own, having built a number of profitable businesses. She pioneered the connection between e-commerce and vending machines as the CEO and founder of PopCom and continued the tradition of invention and ingenuity.

Disrupt.Art has a long and famous history

Disrupt Art is a worldwide marketplace dedicated to changing the way people think about art, music, fashion and movies. The market seeks to unveil practical applications for NFTs as well as make them more accessible to entrepreneurs and collectors. As part of NFT NYC, Disrupt Art will work with PopCom to activate NFTs and launch Jim Jones’ first NFT initiative, BadAzz Bears, which will focus on providing access and opportunity for returning citizens. The power plant will take place at Rise New York, 43 West 23rd Street, New York, New York 10010, from 6 to 9 p.m.

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