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Premint hacked: Over 300 NFT stolen and sold at 400 thousand – Mail Bonus


On Sunday, Premint users were the target of the hack, as 400k in Ethereum gathered during the sale of 300 stolen NFTs. Many users fell for the scam. Burglary is one of the biggest burglaries, in the busiest quarter, the busiest year for cryptocurrency fraudsters.

When people log in to the hacker site, a pop-up window appears announcing a new security feature.

What happened at the NFT registration forum premint

The first official report of the attack on the Premint website came at 8:00 UTC, in a tweet from the Premint Twitter account. They did not direct all users to sign all entries that require them to indicate “Set consent for all” as a setting. Although the first two wallets started to empty at 7.25.

According to Certik, the hacker gained access to the site after uploading malicious javascript code through a URL, https: // s3-redwood-labs-premint-xyz[.]com / cdn.min.js? v = 1658046560357. They went on to say that the file could no longer be accessed because the domain name no longer exists.

The corrupted file appears as a pop-up on the page that warned Premint customers to verify their wallet ownership to improve security.

In fact, when you clicked on the popup window, you were giving the hacker permission to remove NFT from your wallet without further permission.

The popup window

The loot

Among the shipments were the scams removed from the first two wallets of the popular NFT registration platform Premint Bored Ape Yacht Club, Oddities, Goblintown and Otherside.

When they were removed, the hackers immediately started turning the stolen NFT devices. The call from the robbery was over 300 NFT stolen and 400 thousand in Ethereum taken in the Premint hack.

After selling 300 plus NFT, the scammers sent 275 Ethereum collected to Tornado Cash. With that, they erased their digital footprints.

Tornado Cash and other cryptocurrencies are a popular way for criminals to clear their ill-gotten gains.

Something Phishy going on

Several Premint customers found out that a phishing scam was going on and let others know about it via Twitter. The warnings were known in a tweet from Premint, where he thanked the web3 community for their quick response to the breach.

However, some later criticized the company for the time it took them to detect the burglary. The attack lasted at least 7 hours.

When Pemint realized that an attack was underway, the Premint leadership shut down the site and immediately informed its followers that hackers had compromised the Premint site.

They assure users that the website is safe again and that an investigation is underway for the burglary and have published the addresses used in the attack. Furthermore, those who are affected encourage them to contact them.

Are you one of the Premint users affected?

Overall, a small number of wallets were affected, which is no consolation to those who were. According to a thread on the Premint Twitter account, all Premint customers affected by the hack should add their wallet address to a google sheet link related to the tweet.

Future hack guaranteed

Crypto has received a fair share of notable scams and hacks, but the proportion and size of such dishonest systems in the first half of 2022 is heartbreaking.

As you read this, hackers are searching and trying to access vulnerable websites. They never take a break.

For example, in a recent tweet, Yuga Labs warned its NFT owners to be on the lookout for an imminent attack from a “persistent threat group targeting the NFT community.

Tístið added, “they could soon be launching a concerted attack targeting many communities through social media accounts at risk.


Once again we are reporting NFT enthusiasts getting their money and digital assets stolen. 400k in Ethereum taken in Premint is another shock for investors. Be careful out there. Read this article on how to protect your NFTs.

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