Purrfect match: The story of a young girl's love for cats and NFT

Purrfect match: The story of a young girl’s love for cats and NFT – Mail Bonus

Despite all the skeptical narratives that spread the general zeitgeist and regard inflexible symbols (NFTs) as little more than a way to inflate capitalist principles, there are occasional projects that disprove these absolute assumptions and serve as a reminder of its essence, soul and basic purpose. the space.

For Amelia, a 9-year-old Polish girl with a loving devotion to cats and a budding artistic curiosity, her discovery of NFTs provided an opportunity to pursue her hobbies in a digital passion project.

Cointelegraph sat down with Amelia and her father, Marcin, to discuss the importance of raising children about the value of money, how to recognize and harness their creative talents for good, as well as learn more about Ami’s Cats’ inspiration.

Different cards in the library. Source: Ami’s Cats

Amelia’s mother is an accountant for an Irish company, but Marcin is a self-proclaimed entrepreneur with a background in graphic design and product manufacturing, who now runs an e-commerce consulting firm that advises sellers on Amazon and Shopify.

Residents of Galway in Ireland for 12 years, the family moved back to Poland three years ago. Artistic and liberal, Marcin describes their parenting style as one that promotes practical learning beyond education.

A curious child, Amelia showed a modest interest in her father’s household chores – tracing charts, financial charts, and the like – but it was not until he began flipping through small pictures of art that he did. she will be truly fascinated.

Marcin owns NFT from Gary Vaynerchuk’s VeeFriends Series 1 collection, Aspiring Alpaca with a rare background. Buying another from the collection would have cost about 18 Ether (ETH) at the time, too expensive to purchase, so together they decided to create a collection for Amelia:

“I thought it would be a good idea to try to promote it. I believe the best way to learn is to do. Instead of watching another video on YouTube – like how this and that work, we decided to try to put something together […] so I thought it was okay, you draw some cards, I’m going to spell the computer, we’ll put this together and see what happens. “

In August 2021, Ami’s Cats was born – a 200-piece collection of NFT replacement cards featuring various hairy girlfriends such as Cosmic Cat, Colorful Cat and Cyber ​​Cat, among others. Her parents helped set up technical components on the blockchain while she drew the artwork. The museum now has 98 owners with a total of 14 ETH.

Ami’s Cats tape.

A recent participant in VeeCon, and proud of the culture of kindness that pervades the community, Marcin talks about how he and his wife are trying to simplify cryptographic content into a digestible format.

He says that although the conversation about blockchain is too complicated for Amelia at her age, she was able to understand the concept of NFT ownership, identification and inability to copy other works of art.

At the same time, the couple is proud to adopt a conscious approach to parenting, with a strong emphasis on the future:

“We believe that kids should learn things that are needed in the future, rather than what we think is needed now. So if you think about the education system […] you need to predict what they need to know when they leave school, not what they need to know when they are actually learning. ”

It was at this point in the interview that Ameila took a break from writing a book about cats to talk on screen. She was understandably shy to meet a new person for the first time, but fun and personal in conversation.

She talked about her favorite cat from the collection – colorful – because “they are so beautiful” and the book she is writing about her real cat, Molly.

“We want more kids to take part in Ami’s Cats version two,” she says. “They are going to color a template and we use the template on the cats’ bodies.

Ami’s Cats V2 will seek to engage children and parents in a print-friendly color exercise to create a body, also known as fur, and thus rare species from another collection.

“It’s nice to meet you, too,” Amelia replied as she waved goodbye and handed her father the headphones back.

Ami’s Cat’s fundraiser promised and gave 30% of the fees, which is equivalent to approx. $ 2,000, to Cat Rescue charities selected by their Discord community.

When the conflict in Ukraine broke out, the family consulted with their project community and jointly agreed to distribute funds from a charity for cats to support children fleeing Ukraine. I thought it was a better method at the moment, Marcin said.