Quest VR could help people hang out digitally

Quest VR could help people hang out digitally – Mail Bonus

There are many theories about the name change of Facebook in Meta. Meta is more the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and other things owned by Mark Zukerberg, if we think about it. However, there have been reports that Meta’s name is there to ensure that Facebook’s company becomes the center of Metaverse.

While this may be true, it is also in line with various innovations. And one such innovation is virtual reality.

Cue Quest 2 VR

According to Mark Zuckerberg himself, Quest 2 is designed to allow users to instantly connect to the virtual reality world and enter it to hang out with friends. The Ocular Quest 2 VR headphones will primarily work with Horizon World.

This also means that Horizon World will expand from just a North American experience to a potential phenomenon around the world. Actually, online harassment has not been easy, but we are moving something.

Similarly, users can also create their own virtual installations and at home, for people to join and hang out with. This will work just like a real home, house and room. You choose a place to hang out, and it can be anyone’s place or anyone’s choice.

It’s interesting to see Meta move towards VR / AR experience rather than getting involved with blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFT. For a company that has supported Solana as a blockchain, it’s fascinating to see it not launch any NFT project or even a blockchain. We have seen that it is relatively easy for companies to develop blockchain. For a well-known platform like Facebook, it should be a piece of cake.

Meanwhile, one of Meta’s competitors in the AR / VR universe, Apple. With their RealityOS trademark registry, they are also working to create a VR / AR experience that has nothing to do with NFT, blockchain and the like.

Meta also announced a presentation of Metaverse Academy in collaboration with the French company Simplon. It will train and educate a new generation of experts for Metaverse. However, blockchain or NFT were not mentioned. The academy will focus on comprehensive technology, virtual worlds and other innovations.

This indicates that even over the next five years, Meta’s goal is to improve the AR / VR experience and do nothing with Blockchain or other technology.

Crayta is the 2D analogue.

Crayta from Facebook

By now you may also have heard of Crayta. It’s a Facebook game platform, or should we call it, a Meta game platform. It allows people to develop and create their games and original titles. More importantly, it uses Unreal Engine 4 to do the job. Many have compared the Roblox Meets Fortnite approach.

At the same time, the platform uses Facebook Cloud Computing and has nothing to do with NFT or Blockchain. Mark Zuckerberg’s statement states that Crayta is an attempt to demonstrate that the Metaverse experience does not have to be AR / VR-oriented or just 3D. It can be 2D. This Web 3.0 is all about enhancing your new user experience.

This has drawn a clear line between Metaverse and Web 3.0. While Metaverse is all about blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs and other similar technologies, Web 3.0 is all about enhancing the user experience.

Oculus Quest 2 is available with parental controls

Oculus Quest 2 AR / VR headphones have been available for some time. First, there will be the expansion of the Metaverse hangout in the UK, outside of North America. This shows that Meta is heading for expansion.

Other than Horizon Worlds, users can create custom, personalized, and original virtual worlds. This is in line with Meta’s goal of creating a digital world.

On the bright side, Meta has moved towards the positive side by offering better parental controls in the new Oculus Quest 2 update. This allows parents to keep track of the material that their children or adolescents would use in their headphones. Among other things, they can set deadlines.

Before the sudden rise of the blockchain and the world of NFT, we were all predicting that VR / AR would be the next big breakthrough in technology. It seems that Meta is not going to deviate from the goal. The same goes for Apple. While Apple is still relaxed in delivering everything related to VR / AR, Meta is emerging strong.

Now that virtual hangouts are possible, we just have to wait for sensory stimulation. This could turn into an exciting experience or something like the Matrix. Jokes aside, this is incredible news for people who have friends all over the world and want to meet them somehow. With other news about advances in VR / AR, we are truly looking at the digital universe and a unique experience.

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