Reasons why your YouTube Videos aren’t Popular

Nowadays, success of a video on
YouTube is not measured by the number
of people viewing it rather with the sort
of engagement your audience has with
your video. This can be measured in a
number of ways:
• How much content of your video is
watched by someone before closing it
• The ratio of people leaving your
video before it’s ending in
comparison to people watching your
complete video.
• Ratio of people liking your video in
comparison with people disliking it
or not taking any action at all.
• Number and quality of comments
your video has received,
• Amount of people following the call
to action in your video.
Production value of your video which
might be top-notch and may have costed
you enormous amount to produce this, is
not a guarantee for big viewership.
There could be a variety of reasons the
video is unable to get a viewership. The
most common of them could be:

1. Your video is produced very badly or
is boring to view
2. The content used is not original and
does not differentiate itself from other
videos in the same niche.
3. It does not cater to the prospective
4. The content used does not addressed
any need or want. It is non-informative,
non-entertaining and does not provide
value for the viewer.

5. Length is too long and does not hold
the interest of the viewer.
6. Visual portion of the video has not
been utilized properly, hence it can’t
keep the viewers interested.
7. The title chosen of the video is nondescriptive and the tags selected are
chosen poorly. This makes it difficult
to locate the video using search engine
of YouTube.
8. Promotion of the video is not done
appropriately after being uploaded on
9. Initially, video received a lot of
negative comments and dislikes, which
affected the interest of other viewers.
10.The people starring or producing the
video does not have goodwill online.
As you now understand the most
common reasons of a video failing to
attract an audience, it would be much
simpler for you to avoid these mistakes.
You can take a diverse approach while
presenting your content (which should be
unique) to your targeted viewers.
Please keep in mind that making videos
with high-end production value and
persuading content will require large
amounts of skill, creativity, experience
and originality. You will develop all
these skills with practice by creating
more and more videos.
It would be unrealistic to presume that
everything would fit perfectly into the
right places as you create and produce
your initial few videos. However, from
the beginning, you need to make sure that
the videos you make would assist you in
boosting or establishing the reputation or
image of your company.
In case you are unable to attain a
production value which is good enough
to highlight a professional image, it is
advisable to opt for assistance from a
professional company which can help
you in production of videos.
Alternatively, you may also opt to
improve the equipment you use for the
production of videos.
You can also take advantage of the
analytics tool at YouTube, ratings, likes,
remarks and initial feedback you had
received while publishing your initial
videos. You can use this information to
really understand your audience and
identifying the certain aspects of your
videos that really hit home with the
For any video to be successful on this
platform, it should presented with an
original approach that is aimed to the
correct audience. This should be within
a suitable timeline, and last but not the
least it should be promoted and
endorsed properly. Certain diverse
elements before production, at the time
of production, after production and even
the elements during promotion should be
brought together to make sure that this

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