RedkiteNFT combines art and Web3 with 'Humanity' NFT Launch on Polygon

RedkiteNFT combines art and Web3 with ‘Humanity’ NFT Launch on Polygon – Mail Bonus

RedKiteNFT has launched its groundbreaking ‘Humanity’ project on the Polygon blockchain, with 33 world-renowned artists contributing to a total of 256 NFTs.

The “NFT Group” is overseen by RedKite NFT and OurType to raise funds for UNICEF UK Children’s Emergency Fund, The Refugee Council and The Voices of Children Foundation. All proceeds from the NFT cut will go to the aforementioned charities.

Mankind features notable artists such as Ben Eine, Fanakapan, Pure Evil and Dalek and a special guest curator of DropHook.

This project marks the beginning of a series of exciting drops from RedKiteNFT where they combine home art and Web3.

James Robbins, CEO of RedKiteNFT said: “Mankind has been a journey of discovery for us. The charity we have worked with has opened our eyes to the global refugee problem and the incredible long-term support it provides. ”

He continued: “It is a convincing incentive to try to achieve something on this scale, so early in our journey. The support and generosity of all the artists, partners and our dissenting community has been incredible. There is a lot to be proud of, the artwork is magnificent and we hope to raise a significant amount to donate through this group exhibition. ”

Heath Kane NFT: “Bloody Putin”

A major impetus for the show has been the Ukraine conflict, which has wreaked havoc on humanity and fled millions of people from their homes.

RedKiteNFT intends to raise awareness of this and other nations in conflict around the world. They will donate 25% of the 30% of the shares to charity. All collaborating artists will donate 35% with the option to donate more.

“I think recent news has affected us all in some way, so we feel a little helpless,” he said. Angie Davey, founder and curator of RedKiteNFT said. “As with all global crises, artists are among the first to help, and as an NFT platform with access to these artists and a way to raise money, RedKite made the quick decision to put on humanity, to help charity refugees . “

“We have great artists in our group, most of whom created opportunities to participate and turned to some masterpieces in a short time. This show will not disappoint. ”

All NFT artwork can be viewed on the Humanity campaign page and listed for sale on the marketplace.

Tune in to RedKiteNFT Discord for the latest updates and to get a chance to interact with some artists.

Bottom left: Heath Kane, Top left: Fanakapan, Top right: Ben Eine, Bottom right: Lucie Bennett, Center: Pure Evil

In addition, the gift button will allow collectors and fans to donate any amount to the cause.

Regardless of the amount, donors will receive NFT gratitude from RedKiteNFT who will give them access to various benefits.

From the RedKiteNFT Discord channel, authenticated Humanity NFT holders, including those with RedKite Thank You NFT, will have access to the private HUMANITY Discord channel. This channel will feature regular promotions with collaborating artists to reward investor charity support.

RedKiteNFT is an NFT platform for art, which covers the entire spectrum of art ownership in one powerful and innovative space.

The platform offers a variety of NFTs at different prices, offering collectors the choice of investing in iconic original artwork through asset-backed NFTs or unique NFTs.

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