Revoland, Web3 Gaming Pioneer, announces 3rd round Mystery Box presale

Revoland, Web3 Gaming Pioneer, announces 3rd round Mystery Box presale – Mail Bonus

On May 11, 2022, Revoland, the first real multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game on the blockchain, will launch the third round of its mystery box pre-sale. The sale, with Rare Skin & Pet Mystery Boxes, will start at 10:00 (GMT +1) on the project’s official website.

Revoland offers a variety of game modes, including MOBA and Battle Royale, and invites players to join hands with their friends, take part in winning battles and compete for prizes in $ LAND, the game’s original symbol. The gameplay is about a combination of personal and teamwork skills: where the battle can not be paused, players must prevail, work with teammates and change tactics quickly from the moment they land on the battlefield.

To lower the entry barrier for new players, Revoland offers a free version. However, those who want to gain access to prizes and rise faster can buy sophisticated heroes, as well as equip them with toys, pets and skins to increase the hero’s performance, unlock additional upgrades and compete for higher bonuses.

Creating value for players and the Web3 space

The title was created and published by Chain X Game (CXG): an upcoming game development company with the ambitious goal of achieving electronic lists in blockchain games. CXG consists of three divisions: a gaming division, which works on two indoor MOBA & MMORPG games; the blockchain integration department, which uses its own SDK to convert Web2 games to Web3 standards; and the publishing division focused on helping new Web3 titles become public as end-to-end IGOs.

According to Jimmy Zhao, CEO of Revoland, their key task was to facilitate the transition to the new website. “We believe that the widespread implementation of Web 3 will begin with games. “With Revoland, we have created a space where players will have full control over their assets in the game, take an active part in building the gaming ecosystem, promote its development and act as its managers,” said Jimmy.

The attitude has been well received: To date, Revoland boasts an impressive portfolio of key partnerships, with SEAGM, Khalaspay, SEM9, SiGMA and Huawei listed as strategic partners. Hashkey Capital, AKG Ventures, Arcanum Capital, IDG Capital, Atlas Capital and Crypto Nord have invested in the project; while negotiations with Animoca, Binance Labs and several others are still ongoing.

Future milestones and expected collapse

So far, the team has completed the game development and is now focusing on integrating the blockchain solution, building the community, raising institutional batches and holding pre-sales. May will be busy for Revoland, with IDO, the second round of pre-sale mystery boxes, and the NFT demo with PancakeSwap registration all planned for this month.

As stated above, May 11 will mark the beginning of the third pre-sale round of the mystery box. In the first two rounds were NFT Hero Mystery Boxes; in the first round, 5,500 secret heroes were sold in less than an hour.

Skin and Pets Mystery Boxes will be available from 10 AM (GMT +1), via BSC & ABEY chains on the official Revoland website ( One Common Skin Mystery Box will be valued at 30 USDT, one Rare Skin Mystery Box – at 60 USDT, while Pet Common and Rare Mystery Box will be valued at 50 and 100 USDT, respectively. $ LAND tokens will be accepted as payment. A total of 2600 Skin 3000 Pet Mystery Box will be available. Follow the project to stay up to date with the latest Revoland news Twitter and Discord, or subscribe to the official Telegram channel

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