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Axie Infinity is the largest NFT project since its inception in terms of trading volume, but it has been struggling in recent months due to the failure to earn its gaming economy and the $ 622 million Ronin network to be hacked. But there are signs that the most popular Ethereum NFT game may be coming back.

According to information from CryptoSlam, sales of Axie Infinity NFT increased by 198 percent in the previous week. Even though $ 1.38 million in NFT computers is a small fraction of what Axie was selling last summer, when its weekly sales were often more than $ 100 million, it is still a big jump from the previous week.

Jeff Zirlin, co-founder of the company that produced Axie Infinity, tweeted last Thursday that 22,000 Axies had been sold in the last 24 hours. He said that these were more than 7,000 Axies that had been sold in the last 24 hours.

He also said that more and more people were downloading the new original version of Axie Infinity, which has a new combat system, better graphics and other changes, and that 90% of Axie landowners had pledged their NFT documents to win AXS tokens. The possibility of claiming a plot of land was launched on June 30, and at the time of writing, 91 percent of the land had been claimed.

Zirlin told him: “Nature heals

NFT is a blockchain symbol that can be used to indicate that someone owns something. Axie Infinity includes NFT items such as unique Axie monsters that users can bring to battle, and virtual plots that players can later customize and sell.

Since the end of 2021, when the value of the AXS and SLP tokens fell due to the collapse of the pre-game economy, Axie Infinity has been in big trouble. The Ethereum-based game that runs on the custom Ronin side chain is changing the way its token award works to make it more practical. However, the prices of both symbols are much lower than they were.

According to CoinMarketCap, the price of the AXS symbol is less than $ 14 right now. This is a 91 percent decrease from November, when it was worth about $ 165, and a 22 percent decrease in just the last month. The SLP symbol is worth about $ 0.004, a 99 percent decrease from its peak of almost $ 0.40 in July 2021 and a decrease of almost 20 percent over the last 30 days.

On top of that, in March, hackers broke into the bridge connecting Ronin to the Ethereum mainnet and stole $ 622 million in ETH and USDC stablecoin. The US Treasury Department, which approved the wallet used in the attack, found out that it was the well-known state-sponsored hacker group Lazarus that did it.


Sky Mavis repaired the bridge at the end of June and repaid all customers who have stolen cryptocurrencies, even though the value of ETH has fallen from theft due to a major correction in the cryptocurrency market. The developer donated an additional $ 150 million to pay for gas refunds and is now working with police to recover the money stolen in the attack.

Philip La, who oversees the production of the Sky Mavis game, said in a blog post yesterday that news of the game’s falling symbols and NFT values ​​make “misleading stories” about the game. He talked about how the old “play-to-earn” version of Axie Infinity is being replaced by the new “play-and-earn” Origin version.

Origin is now out in a “soft launch” version that does not offer any awards. Sky Mavis also wants to get the game in public mobile app stores. This is because Origin’s new starters are free to play and do not require NFT to play. He also said that Sky Mavis is actively recruiting and working to build the Axie ecosystem through grants and other means.

“The game is still strong, big updates are coming out all the time and we will continue to create more games that use everything we have learned over the years,” La wrote. “It is not right that we are in an existential crisis and that time is running out.

It is not yet clear whether Axie Infinity’s short-term increase in NFT sales will turn into a long-term development or whether the game will regain the popularity it enjoyed in 2021. Sky Mavis, on the other hand, seems to be building with this change in mind.

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