Satoshiverse The First Linked Wearables in Decentraland

Satoshiverse: The first related wearables in Decentraland – Mail Bonus

Satoshiverse: The first related wearables in Decentraland
Satoshiverse, an external NFT collection, is the first to transform its NFT devices into related clothing, bringing the new features of Decentraland to life.

As this tutorial explains, the clothing-related feature was first added to Decentraland in April due to a DAO proposal. Related Wearables are non-Decentraland 3D models of NFT that can be used worldwide as Wearables. But they are not ordinary wearables. They are not in regular Wearable collections, are not special and can not be bought on the main or secondary market of Decentraland. They are just world copies of NFT that exist outside of the game.

This new feature is so appealing because it has many advantages to bring an external NFT collection into Decentraland related wearables. Here are some benefits for both the people who use the NFT library and the NFT project itself:

NFT owners can now wear and display their NFT on Decentraland, making them more useful.

Adds social aspects and a sense of belonging: NFT owners can meet other people in their NFT community and talk to them in person.

Decentraland is a ready-made platform for community. It can be used to hold community events or even host headquarters.

With an average of 500,000 users per month, having your NFT library in Decentraland will automatically make it more visible, which could lead to more opportunities and growth.

Nico Rajco, dApps Product Manager for the Decentraland Foundation and was instrumental in building the new features, had this to say about the process:

“It was a pleasure working with the Linked Wearables Foundation. I got to see one of the first steps towards the synergy of NFT projects, which is the real future of the meta-studio, for myself. Related wearables are interesting because they give holders of different NFTs more ways to use them and bring new communities to Decentraland. Many more third parties are already working with us to bring in their collections as related clothing, so this is just the beginning! ”

The Satoshiverse Museum was the first to go through the wearables related process. This was made possible by a large group of people who wanted to see what Linked Wearables could do. Nick, one of their founders, talks about why they chose to be the first to offer the feature. Here are just a few:

Nick thinks that when he heard about Linked Wearables he was rather excited because it combined all his hobbies, what he did before joining Decentraland and what they were doing at the time with Satoshiverse. Wethe and his team thought that making Linked Wearables a part of their collection was a great way to introduce Decentraland to people in their community who may not know it or have never been there before. This would make it easier for people to talk to and connect with their NFT avatars in a way they could not before, which he finds very cool.

What are the benefits and uses of related wearables in your area?

Nick believes that the main benefit and value of related clothing for their community are the social qualities they offer. He likes how someone with one of their NFT devices can now go to Decentraland and feel like he is a Legionnaire there. They can really wear their clothes and move in it. But he believes the feature will be useful in the future when they use it to hold events for their Decentraland community. “We are building a headquarters in Decentraland that will hopefully have streaming, music and other great features so that our community can meet and hang out there and really start participating in these incredible metaverse events. This could be the first step towards collaboration, “Nick added,

In terms of synergy, they want to work more closely with all of these other metaverse systems and provide their community with tools that enable them to participate in different ways. As Decentraland is the largest distributed blockchain-based metaverse on the web, Nick believes it’s a great opportunity for people to connect with Satoshiverse in many more ways. They can keep their wallet connected and use Legionnaires in some way, but only in this environment.

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