Secrets of Highly Successful Craigslist Sellers

Many of you may have used Craigslist
for many usual or unusual reasons.
Either you had something to sell or
something to buy. There are many tricks
and tips which can fetch you good
These are strategies of the top Craigslist
sellers that are turning a huge profit off
of this platform. Apply these strategies
to see a major difference in your
Craigslist business.
Note: These tips are for getting better
sales results. However, you should be
careful while you meet people, or give
your personal details. For all the
safety related tips, refer back to
Chapter# 9.
1. Repost your Ad to keep it on Top
Buyers are never interested to scroll
through the pages to search for the old
posts. If you wait for 30 days (auto
expiration time on Craigslist) to post
your ad again, it would take as much
more time for it to be sold. If you do not
receive a response in few days, say 7-10
days, consider reposting it. As soon as
you repost your ad it would reflect on
the top of the selected category.
2. GOOD Image is the KEY
We all are visual creatures. In case you
are planning to sell something, whatever
it may be, always post a good image.
Maximum ads are just rejected because
of lack of images or lack of good
images. If you do not post an image,
buyers assume that there is some
problem with your product. And if you
post an unfocused, shaky image, no one
would be bothered to give it a heed as
you were not keen to present it properly.
3. Avoid putting a question in your
People do get drawn in by appropriate
questions, but they are only effective on
personal ads, job postings or a service.
However, questions should be avoided
if you are proceeding with the sale of a
tangible product. It may leave an
impression that the ad has been posted
by a salesman or a dealer.
4. Be Specific
While posting an ad, be specific, do go
beyond and do not stay behind. This
means, the details you provide should
cover everything a buyer needs to know
with the image of the product. However,
you should refrain from going in to too
much details (which includes your
unnecessary personal information as
Just remember, on this website first
impression is everything.
5. Do proper research
This portal has hundreds of products that
are posted on it every day. To make sure
that your product out-shines all other
similar products, just do an in-depth
study of what’s posted there. Check
their pricing, condition, posting age, if
too long, try identifying the reason for it
not being sold. All these things would
help you create a convincing ad.
6. Right pricing
We have already provided in-depth
details on this topic in Chapter# 6.
Please make sure to refer to all those
pointers while deciding a price for your
7. Pair the buddies
Many people post different ads for the
items which can be sold together, for
example, a glider and a crib. You may
pair them and then you can offer a
discount on this pair, which will put into
the buyer’s mind that it is a great deal
and they will be more inclined to buy.
This would ensure that your two
products also get sold in a single post.
8. Respond Swiftly
As a seller, be swift in replying to the
emails or calls. This leaves a good
impression in the mind of buyers and
they start considering your product.
In case you hold your responses, buyers
won’t hold on for your, they would jump
to next available item.
9. Trading can also be an option
Barter system is still alive on Craigslist.
There are many people who are selling
something and on other hand looking out
for something. You may mention the
availability of this option as well.
Aforementioned nine tricks would help
your items quickly from your shelf to
buyers home. Last but not the least….
Do not forget to remove the listings that
are sold
Keeping an ad for sold item alive is an
inconvenience for buyers and you as
well. They might keep on bothering you
for the product, when it’s already been
sold. As a seller you are required to
waste energy on something which is
unnecessary now.

Extra Tips for Purchasing & Selling on Craigslist

Purchasing on Craigslist:
If you are going to purchase on
Craigslist, keep in mind the following
• Things go fast: If you happen to see
something on Craigslist that offers a
great deal, it will be likely be there for
only a couple of hours. Get in touch
with the seller ASAP to make sure that
you have the chance to acquire what
you are looking for.
• You are required to pick the items: It
will be required for you to meet the
dealer somewhere in order to pick the
item. For the majority of items you will
just go to the seller’s house. Ensure
that you have the required
transportation and the enough time to
make it to the seller’s place.
• Prices can be changed unless they
are specified: While few sellers have
fixed prices, there are many who are
flexible enough to negotiate the prices.
You may try negotiating the cost a bit to
see if this is acceptable to the seller
and he counters this. Who knows, you
might be lucky enough to save some
• You may not always receive a
response to your queries: Sellers may
receive a lot of queries via phone,
emails or text and they may even stop
replying to few of them. So, if you stop
receiving a response, you may simply
proceed to next listing.
• Keep checking regularly: In case you
are looking for something specific
which is not listed on Craigslist, keep
checking regularly. By doing so, you
can be assured that you won’t miss the
Selling on Craigslist
Selling items on Craigslist can help you
get rid of your old belongings and even
fetch you some extra money. However,
you need to keep following things in
mind while selling on this portal:
• Inflate the price: People love to
bargain on Craigslist. In case someone
purchases the item without bargaining,
you just made few extra bucks.
However, if someone bargains, the
extra cost would give you a cushion to
come down to your anticipated price.
For example, if you are planning to sell
your car for $2000, you can ask for
$2900. In case the buyer purchases this
without bargain, you get extra $900.
However, if someone offers you lesser
price (anything upto your anticipated
price, $2000), you can accept it. This
would be a WIN-WIN situation for both,
you getting the price you were looking
for and buyer feels he saved some
• Insert words or symbols in your
contact number: A computer program
can easily pick your phone number and
you can be spammed with unwanted
calls after that. To avoid this you may
update your number like: 222-
two2two – 2222.
• Take down the listing as soon as the
sale is completed: Please make sure to
get down your listing as soon as your
item is sold. By doing so you would
save time of yourself and others.
• Be truthful: Remember that the
people who are purchasing and selling
on Craigslist are normal people, just
like us. We should not cheat them by
being untruthful

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