Secrets of Highly Successful YouTubers

YouTube is no longer a sheer source of
entertainment; it has developed into a
medium to promote businesses. The
statistics from YouTube shows that more
than 1 billion sole visitors use the site
every month and more than 6 billion
hours of videos are watched every
month. The number has risen by 50% in
one year. And just that; 100 hours of
videos are uploaded every minute on
So your strategy for a profitable
YouTube campaign should be being
passionate about the content you are
creating, obtain the mentality to develop
skills that can further your YouTube
business, and also providing value.
Exposure and relationship building are
the benefits offered by YouTube. There
are two kinds of correlations – Direct
and indirect. The direct correlation
refers to having more subscribers; your
video updates will be watched by more
number of people, whenever you upload
a video.
Indirect Correlation means ranking of
your video. Your subscriber’s content
will be considered as one of the factors
to verify the relevancy of the video

Educate with your videos

It is important for the videos to develop
a high-engagement with audience. Apart
from looking at the views and
subscribers, YouTube also keeps an eye
on the engagement activities of the
audience such as likes, comments and
shares. YouTube will rank your video on
this parameter.
High rankings can be obtained by
creating informative videos. You are
required to show a face in the
illustrations and slides rather than just
capturing the slides for the video, as it
can end up in you losing clients.
Open with a brainteaser
It is the first few seconds of the video,
which can hold the viewer’s interest.
Try to create a mystery and intrigue in
the opening of the videos.
To engage them, you can also introduce
an interrupt, or a certain element that
people do not expect in the video.
Impact of custom thumbnail on the
video playback
Custom thumbnails are significant to
stand out in the crowd and get more
interest. When people get 15-20 videos
every day in their subscription feed, it is
essential to give your video an appealing
custom thumbnail appeal to make it
show up in the crowd.
The thumbnail will show up in the
search results. Do add some text
explaining more about the thumbnail and
attract people to click on it.
You may also place a persuading image
at the bottom of the left side of the
image. YouTube began this feature last
year. You can advertise an event that you
are conducting or announce a special
deal or even use it as a way to send
viewers to another video on your
The secret for highly successful You
Tubers is straightforward: You should
know what you’re “role” is as a
When you get to know your role, you
will stop doing fruitless things that
would waste your precious time and
prevent you from being a successful
person. Your focus will only be on
And the next thing to identify is: Creating
videos is simply NOT your occupation.
In case you desire to earn money by
making videos, you can go to eLance and
propose your services to make
commercials for others. The direct way
to earn money by producing videos is
via Commercial work.

Please know that it is not the business of
YouTube to produce videos. It’s
advertising. If you don’t believe this,
simply do not allow ads on your videos.
See whether you can make money from
people watching your videos. Actually
not a single penny.
Your job as a YouTuber is to produce
videos that will be appropriate for
brands to advertise their products and
services on. That is the only way you
will make money.
What is a non-monetizable audience?
You must know that “being loved” is not
the job of a YouTuber, however your job
calls for an audience that will react to
advertisers, so that you can again invest
in creating more videos *AND* earn
some money for your personal use.
The most admired YouTubers doesn’t
rely solely on YouTube to generate an
income. But their job is to make
commercials for other companies and
then publicize those commercials on
Facebook, Twitter and their emails.
You can see the examples of Oprah and
Stephen Colbert who control huge,
extremely adoring and loving audiences
that intensely love them. Often, Oprah
and Colbert promote and sponsor books
in their shows, which in turn results in
bestselling books due to their heavy
demand in their shows.
Even you are guaranteed to turn into a
bestselling author if these celebrities
talk about your book to their loving
audiences. That’s called influential, and
it will make publishers spend a lot of
money to get their books on the shows,
since the audiences are so precious.
It is a misunderstanding that people do
not like advertisements; the fact is some
people don’t like certain types of
advertisements. Most people like
advertisements for products in which
they are interested in, therefore the
operation of the whole YouTube site is
fruitfully funded completely by ads.
Once you know this reality about your
role as a YouTuber you will put an end
to your uncreative habits.
• Firstly, you should not make videos at
random things that targets different
• Secondly, you should not max out your
credit cards for creating a romantic
comedy web sequence — or a drama
because it will be unbelievably hard to
market as the audiences for them are
not easily accessible on YouTube.
• Lastly, you should not draw your
attention to an audience who dislike s
advertising and will use an ad blocking
software while watching your vi

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