Stormrite - The Xbox and PC game could be a gateway for big game companies to adopt NFTs

Stormrite – The Xbox and PC game could be a gateway for big game companies to adopt NFTs – Mail Bonus

Since 2020, we have witnessed incredible growth in NFT game projects. Metaverse exploded with new games coming out after NFTs grew in popularity in 2021. However, most of these projects are from new companies or development teams. Big names like EA Games, RockStar and the like are far from doing anything with blockchain, NFT and the like.

This is almost the same as the vastness of mobile games. We got more indie games from lesser known companies than the official game makers in the industry. However, there is a new task that seems to be narrowing the gap.

Stormrite could be a bridge that big gaming companies need to get into the NFT domain.

What is Stormrite?

Stormrite is a new game, in development, by Kelechi Apakama. It is also a new company and we have not seen any other titles since. However, an interesting achievement is that Stormrite will be available on Steam and Xbox. This is something that other NFT or Metaverse games have failed to achieve. They focus on being either a standalone application or a web server based platform. This does not work well for their credibility.

Stormrite follows an RPG-like approach where players will have the freedom to decide how their character will evolve. Start as a farmer, you can decide if you want to become a warrior, a wizard, a murderer or something else.

This is an open world game that will focus on missions and learn about collecting powerful roles called Stormrite.

The NFT elements in the game Stormrite – Engine Power

Stormrite has kept the players and the community up to date by publishing regular updates. Whether it was about Magic 2.0 or the new battle system. Stormrite has also recently announced a partnership with Enjin to power the game’s NFT.

The NFT elements are fairly simple. There will be cosmetics in the game. These will include character and weapon skins. And these cosmetics will be the NFT items in the game.

Some things to keep in mind regarding this approach are:

  • There are no symbols in the game. Players will not have any cryptocurrency or any badges in the game.
  • The only blockchain will be the Engine for NFT storage, transfer and such.
  • The game itself will not run on the blockchain.

How does Stormrite change the side of big companies entering NFT?

It’s simple. Most developers and companies felt that they needed to use a blockchain and create a game for it to be an NFT or Metaverse game. However, Stormrite broke that misunderstanding by using Enjin exclusively for NFT cosmetics. Therefore, there is no need for developers to add cryptocurrencies and more.

It shows companies that they could potentially use a similar approach or take advantage of blockchain power and provide NFTs. These NFT can be achievement NFT or skins and other cosmetic players have grown to love.

Here are some examples of games where players have fallen in love with skins:

  • Players went crazy over the Glacier Skin M416 in PUGB Mobile.
  • Apex Legends is known for its great mythical skins.
  • COD has plenty of skins for weapons that stand the test of time.

These are all battle royale examples, but do not miss the point that skins are truly popular. Stormrite has decided to introduce NFT to these terms. It will definitely help.

Players have always enjoyed the new visuals and design. You can see it in Animal Crossing and other popular games, where we have events based on objects and skins.

Other companies might offer a similar approach

The idea of ​​finally owning the skins, making them unique and on a blockchain, can be quite profitable. People are already ready to spend so much on fur. Now, if they are unique and unique, the craze will disappear from the charts.

So, big gaming companies will reap many benefits. They can:

  • Create a new revenue stream from games through NFT Skins.
  • Appealed to players who want NFT in the games.
  • Introduce a soft game-to-earn system where players can trade NFTs after owning them.

New era of AAA games

If Stormrite succeeds, we’re looking at a new frontier. This will be the first game to blend the AAA gaming industry (or general gaming industry) into the NFT world. It could also be the first game to bring NFT to the consoles, even if it’s just an Xbox for beginners.

All of this could lead to a chain reaction. Something like Nike NFT, YouTube NFT and more. But for the gaming industry. There are many other blockchains like WAX ​​and EOS that offer a similar approach to Enjin. You can make several transfers. Businesses could even use Ethereum for security (storage) while using WAX and EOS for shipping.

Of course, there are many challenges to just adding NFTs and balancing them for the economy and other aspects. But, Stormrite and its team could be on to something big here.

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