The popular SuperRare NFT Marketplace is opening its first brick-and-mortar pop-up gallery in SoHo |  Artnet news

The popular SuperRare NFT Marketplace is opening its first brick-and-mortar pop-up gallery in SoHo | Artnet news – Mail Bonus

SuperRare is about to become super real.

Next month will be popular NFT marketplace will open a pop-up gallery in New York’s SoHo neighborhood – its first IRL initiative. Open 19 May to 28 August, at SuperRare Gallery will be responsible for an exchange program with five NFT exhibitions, some organized by the company’s indoor curators, others by guest curators.

“We’ve wanted to make a SuperRare gallery for a long time now, but of course the pandemic made it impossible until recently.” John Crain, founder and CEO of SuperRare, told Artnet News. “We have a healthy community and we think everyone will be very excited to join IRL. We are all happy to share the experience of seeing and finding NFT works of art in person and with society, something that can not really be repeated in the distance. “

The forum’s curator, An Rong, will lead the first presentation, a survey of 15 futuristic NFT artists researching science-fiction themes inspired by the online punk landscape – Botto, Krista Kim and Alex Ness among them.

En “Shows from remembering the future, ”As the show is called, will steer clear of the dystopian craft often associated with such a work; instead it will “Celebrate the newly liberated freedom of expression of artists in the age of digital art, a break from traditional art world traditions and politics,” according to the exhibition description.

Other program items planned for the gallery include exhibitions dedicated to Pride Month, directed by Nicole Ruggiero, Samantha Carey and Laurel Charleston; Black digital artists, curated by Malian artist Inna Modja; and two-dimensional digital painting, organized by SuperRare.

“There will be a total of about 15 screens in the gallery,” Rong explained the layout of the gallery. “Each screen will be dedicated to one work of art for about 3 weeks, to counteract the short attention span that people would otherwise have when viewing NFT images on Twitter or marketplaces.

“We want people to see, experience and meditate on NFT’s art as it is in an art museum,” she added.

Although the gallery will take over the SoHo store window in May, it should not be confused with the digital “store windows” that will form SuperRare Spaces, the company’s recently announced initiative that allows independent users to manage – and even order – their own NFT shows on the platform. To date, the venue’s curators have hand-picked each artist featured on the site.

Access to the SuperRare will be provided through a new special “collection sign” called $ JÁLDÆFUR. (The advent of currency has become to some extent among the major NFT companies seeking to create real value and usability for its users.)

“While we are incredibly proud of how the SuperRare Labs team has led the show for the past 3 years, we also recognize that we are not the only ones with an eye for undiscovered talent and artistic value,” the company explains at the time. website. “We should also not risk becoming the digital version of the gateway collections that we tried to disrupt.

$ RARE, he explains, is “a way to identify and strengthen new curatorial skills in the SuperRare community.

When asked if the company has plans for future pop-ups, or perhaps more permanent gallery space, Crain said, “Never say never! We are starting with this three-month popup in SoHo and we will see where it leads us. “

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