The 2022 Decentraland Game Jam is here, May 17 - June 14

2022 Decentraland Game Jam is here, May 17th – June 14th – Mail Bonus

This year, the Decentraland Foundation will partner with MetaGameHub DAO, the company behind the DCL-Edit tool. They include this tool in this year’s Game Jam as it simplifies the development process using the Decentraland SDK. To encourage more developers to experiment with DCL-Edit, the MetaGameHub DAO will offer its own set of incentive-driven contributions.

The goal: By using the many tools at your disposal, you build the most attractive experience for the Decentraland community.

When evaluating submissions, the overall idea, game design, interactivity, ingenuity and “wow factor” will be taken into account.

How to get involved

It’s easy to enter your game in Game Jam; all you have to do is fill out a quick form. In addition to your contact information, the form will ask for any game instructions or information you deem necessary for the referees to evaluate your game correctly. When you submit your game via the form, you will be offered one of the following options:

-Official URL of your code from GitHub, GitLab, Dropbox or BitBucket.

-Link on your published item in Decentraland if you already had LAND to build on.

-Heroku link that can be used to play

-Start your game.

Competition rules

Unless otherwise stated, all entries must be received by June 14, 2022, 23:55 UTC for judges to review.

Entries must be Decentraland scenarios with a maximum pack size of 4 × 4 and no barriers that work in Decentraland.

-You do not have to have LAND to participate. The agency will send all the winning Game Jam Scenes to Decentraland.

-To ensure a level playing field, scenes submitted for Game Jam should have been largely created during the competition. If you renew your previous work as part of the scenario, be sure to acknowledge it when you submit it.

– All donations must be open source, enabling members of the Decentraland community to reuse their work. We need to share your code, images, and 3D models, but the Decentraland Foundation will not.

-Your scenes must be interactive. Interactivity can be demonstrated by having the player perform actions such as clicking, entering triggers, and so on, and these actions should affect the content of the scene. Although not required, it is appreciated if the platform is connected to a remote API or uses blockchain technology.

-If you include a game with confusing rules in your scene, you should include instructions either in the world or in the competition format. Rather than reading your code, judges will try to experience your situation as a user.

-If a platform uses a custom server to manage multiplayer conversations or other activities, you just need to submit the code for your Decentraland platform, not the server code. To facilitate reviews, your forum should be connected to an existing server rather than requiring organization.

Submissions must be completely original and the participant must have all rights to the submission and its contents.

-No copyrighted material (music, photographs, etc.) or trademarks (company names, logos, trademarks, etc.) may be used in the submission unless the participant is the owner (s). Other material owned by third parties may not be used. Ingredients in submissions will be rejected.

-The submission may not include offensive, inappropriate, indecent, obscene, hateful or misinformation.

Decentraland Award

1st place → 2 LAND + 5000 MANA

2nd place → 1 LAND + 2500 MANA

3rd place → 1 COUNTRY + 1500 MANA

4th place → 1 COUNTRY + 1000 MANA

5th place → 1 COUNTRY + 750 MANA

6.-10. seats → 1000 MANA

11.-20. seats → 500 MANA

MetaGameHub Award
1st place → $ 5,000 in MGH tokens

2nd place → $ 4,000 in MGH tokens

3rd place → $ 3,000 in MGH tokens

4th place → $ 2,000 in MGH tokens

5th place → $ 1,000 in MGH tokens

6.-10. seats → $ 500 in MGH tokens

11.-20. seats → $ 250 in MGH tokens

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