The best P2e pet and breeding games

The best P2e pet and breeding games – Mail Bonus

Blockchain-based games have seen tremendous growth in recent years and the industry is showing no signs of slowing down. Like regular computer games, Crypto games come in many shapes and sizes. There are sandbox games, card games, RPGs, MMORPGs and games for every niche. Crypto breeding games are one of the sessions.

What are Crypto Cultivation Games?

You breed or collect animals or pets in these games. Imagine Pokemon games based on blockchain, and you’ll get a rough idea. As of 2022, there are some interesting games with new concepts in the works. Here are some of the major cryptocurrencies to look at, considering the upcoming offers.

The best cryptography breeding games to check out

Monsta Infinite

Monsta Infinite is a scattered game world where anyone can earn tokens by competing or playing for fun. ‌

Monsta is an unusual and strange species from the age of dinosaurs that live in SHANI. But now they face a potentially tragic threat, JILAKA. If the situation remains the same, it could be eliminated. As a result, they wake their first ancestors, Inception Monsta, from their slumber. Monsta used blockchain technology at its inception to connect with humans through their unique biological network. They turn to us for leadership and guidance to make their homeland successful.

As a reward for your help in defeating JILAKA, they will give us their most precious resource on the planet, the Stamen Tellus Token, and regard you as their master.

DeFi My pet

My Defi Pet is a breeding and rearing game for animals that is available in the Binance and Kardia blockchains. In My Defi Pet, players raise pets, develop farms and battle boss monsters in vital battles over Elixir drinks as prizes.

You can swap these prizes for DPET, the main symbol of the game. You can also use it to pet.

Pets earn money in silver money when they are in cages. You can upgrade your cage by using silver and growing food in your cell. You feed your pet and they grow as you feed them. With each level, the amount of food needed increases.

To date, they have established a basic gameplay cycle consisting of Pet-> Silver-> Food-> Pet Balance. Pets can develop into stronger versions of themselves with a new look when they reach level ten.

My pet

AMGI Studio’s flagship NFT project, My Pet Hooligan, is a creative Web3 entertainment company with extensive experience in animation and games. AMGI has developed several advanced methodologies and technologies in animation over the years that will serve as a basis for Web3’s growth.

AMGI is a high-quality creative team consisting of artists and authors from well-known studios such as Pixar, Disney and ILM, which focuses on special processes in Unreal Engine. The My Pet Hooligan brand is important for AMGI’s goal of bringing new individuals into the Web3 ecosystem through community and IP integration.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity, without a doubt, is one of the best blockchain games where you breed, collect and train Axies (the wonderful creatures in the game). Your aces can then take part in battles with other aces and monsters. It can be downloaded to both smartphones and computers.

The cryptographic game is powered by AXS and SLP NFT, which can be purchased at Binance. Axie Infinity sold over 42 million dollars in July 2021, setting a new record. This is now one of the most expensive NFT on the market.

Chicken Derby

Chicken Derby is a fun game based on, you guessed it, chickens. The game involves raising chickens and then competing in chicken competitions. If you work, you get ETHs.

You can also raise chickens and sell them to make money in Chicken Derby. You can also continue to support your pets to win competitions. The project is still unfinished. Chicken Derby sold 20,000 of the first 33,000 chickens in the first drop. If you like silly games, Chicken Derby is something you should try.

Encryption animals

You can acquire and breed fantasy monsters as the name implies. The MMORPG game is similar to Pokémon GO. You can get a rare egg symbol, breed it for a certain amount of time and then breed the animal. Only by hatching the egg will you learn about the abilities of this animal.

Ethereum blockchain serves as the foundation for Crypto Beasts. The CryptoBeasts icon, also based on Ethereum, will power the game. This symbol is more important because it represents a plot of land in the “Eggland”. So, one rare egg provides you with one rare cryptocurrency and a central location. Crypto Beasts generated only 10,000 tokens and are available for purchase on the secondary market.

Foxy balance

Foxy Equilibrium is a hybrid of Battle Royale, RPG, card game and NFT-ready breeding game. You choose a character, cultivate it, feed it and fight against other characters as a player. You can also score points by completing dying characters. This is a card game with a spin-based system.

Foxy Equilibrium is still under development and is expected to be released soon. The game will run on Foxy NFT purchased from Pancakeswap. Binance Smart Chain supports BEP 72 NFTs (BSC).


Revomon is an exciting VR game in the new Metaverse. This game combines an immersive virtual reality experience and revolutionary technology that uses unchangeable symbols (NFT).

It is one of the few games that rewards participation; therefore no effort is wasted. This way, users can enjoy the game, socialize with people and earn money.


When the media started covering CryptoKitties, the audience increased significantly. The breeding and collecting game allows players to collect several cat species. Other small games are included in the game.

Ethereum blockchain serves as the foundation for CryptoKitties. There is a large selection of kittens to choose from. The popularity of CryptoKitties is now declining.

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These current and upcoming releases have a bright future ahead of them. Games based on cryptocurrency will become more exciting as the revolution and VR adaptation emerge.

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