The Crypto Powered World Tour With The Weeknd

The Crypto Powered World Tour With The Weeknd – Mail Bonus

Binance has announced on June 2, 2022 that they will be the official sponsor of The Weeknd ‘After Hours Til Dawn’ tour. It will be an exclusive NFT, merchandise and enhanced experience for fans through Web 3.0 technology integration.

We have all heard of celebrities who create or invest in NFT, even supporting them. Ever since Snoop Dogg hosted a virtual NFT private football concert, there has been a lot of development. Now The Weeknd aims to take the Crypto world to the next level by integrating it into one of The Tour’s most impressive projects.

After Hours For The Dawn Tour

The After Hours To Dawn Tour is The Weeknd’s seventh tour. It will present two of his recent albums: After Hours And Dawn FM. The concert will start on July 8, 2022 and last until September 3, 2022. This is an All-Stadium tour that will go from Toronto to Inglewood and cover Europe and North America.

Doja Cat was going to be one of the opening shows in North America. However, her recent tonsillectomy puts her out of action for now.

At the same time, The Weeknd with Binance sponsors is great news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world.

The Weeknd’s position on Binance

According to the Canadian singer and songwriter, Binance has always focused on building a sustainable society. It has worked to serve the people and keep the masses as involved as possible. Foresight and vision have been a great approach for Binance Company.

Innovative advantages and an emphasis on user experience have changed The Weeknd’s interest. According to The Weeknd, it is “perfectly sensible” for him to work with Binance.

Without explaining too much, the artist hinted that he could not wait for the fans to experience the code in a creative way. This indicates that there will be some enticing programs or rewards related to NFT and more.

At the same time, Binance’s approach will also support a good cause, suggesting its XO Humanitarian Fund, which operates under the auspices of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP).

What to expect from The Weeknd’s Encryption Tour?

If you look at the official Binance announcement, they share some hints of ‘enhanced fan experience.’ Binance will team up with HXOUSE to work with some exclusive NFT rights for the tour. These NFTs will be available to fans who buy tickets.

  • There will be virtual ticket stubs that indicate that you can buy tickets almost. It is unclear whether the tickets will be NFT or whether physical tickets will also be available.
  • There will be combined merchandise available. Once again, it is a bit unclear whether this will be NFT merchandise or physical. By expecting the profit, we could expect it to be a physical commodity for sure.
  • Binance is working with The Weeknd to design an exclusive NFT and 5% of the sales of these NFTs will go to XO Humanitarian.
  • Since NFT is about exclusivity and exploring creativity, we could get NFT designed by The Weeknd itself.
  • Similarly, virtual stories, video streams, or other engaging experiences could be built into NFTs. This would explain how NFTs could enrich the fan experience.
  • Binance will also donate $ 2 million to XO Humanitarian to mark the start of the journey.
  • It could be NFT in memory and more for the fans.

As the trip is within a month of the announcement, there may not be a pre-sale. Unless, of course, you’re the one who’s selling tickets and suddenly the people are trying to make ends meet.

The impact of the partnership on the world

This step of sponsorship and collaboration could lead to future possibilities. We might expect that people who are not interested would be interested in the world of cryptocurrency, NFT and more. It could be a whole new grip for Binance and The Weeknd. The initiative could encourage non-NFT and non-cryptographic users to try something new. This will open new borders.

The Encrypted Tour also opens up possibilities for future artists and tours. We could see other artists working with Binance, or other companies, even cryptocurrencies, to take the tour. This would be something remarkable. However, it will also prove that the crypto revolution is an integral part of Web 3.0, and so are NFTs. It will put these assets in a new light and we could see another boom in the market.

The point

We sincerely hope that the collaboration between Binance and The Weeknd will bear more fruit than just advertising gimmicks. It would not be best to just get a digital ticket and some NFT as merchandise or souvenirs of the concert. There has to be some added value, whether it is with private services or more.

Hopefully it will not turn into something like Spiderman: No Way Home and other promotions where NFTs initially turned into a useless group and were just a way to gain public interest.

In any case, we can hope for great things in the future if the journey is successful. There could be a new line of competition among the tours, cryptocurrencies and more to give fans the best experience.

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