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The Future of NFT: What Are NFT-Based Travel Insurance Plans? – Mail Bonus


Today, the world is witnessing the latest development in disruptive blockchain technology innovation: the brand new NFT flow is spreading around the world at the speed of light. Some NFT owners make millions, while others make careers growing new businesses and investing in potentially lucrative products.

The current NFT market is estimated at $41B and will reach $190B by 2026. The market is expected to witness healthy growth at a CAGR of 35.27% during the forecast period. This increase is explained by the growing demand for digital artwork. However, uncertainty in the NFT market could negatively impact market growth in the coming years.

With NFT in the development stage, everyone can follow and benefit from this modern technology. NFTs have already been introduced in many areas of our daily lives and now NFTs are becoming a part of the travel industry.

However, NFT technology can also be used to support customer loyalty schemes, exclusive club memberships and much more. Today, NFTs are becoming one of the modern trends in tourism marketing that companies should pay attention to.

While NFTs in the travel industry are still a new phenomenon, some international and local brands are already taking advantage of them. Car rentals, hotels, airlines and many other players in the travel market around the world have already joined the big game. Let’s take a look at the travel expert’s opinion.

– NFTs are today’s technology. Miles and other reward points were invented decades ago and are neither protected against inflation nor easily transferable. NFTs haven’t gained massive traction yet, but they are already a powerful tool that, with some imagination, can be used in many areas of life. Our NFT token is not only a fun collection but a useful source of travel rewards and wealth growth. Our NFT Loyalty system enables customers around the world not only to accumulate and sell their token collections, but also to benefit from our loyalty partners. It is a new product that brings profit but saves money. Software as a service of NFT for loyalty programs is the next future in the development of loyalty programs – says Alexander Pershikov, founder.


Like most entrepreneurs today, Alexander started developing his business offline. However, today he uses AI and NFT tools to develop his business in the metaverse. Our service allows you to travel through the real world and beyond, into cyberspace and metaworlds – be it video games or the metaverse. This is a new type of travel that does not require physical activity and we decided to provide this opportunity to our customers.

It all started with the idea of ​​a marketplace as a platform to share travel activities and experiences. GetExperience has made it possible for locals to offer private tours and experiences that were not offered by travel agencies or tour operators or offer them at a better price. Therefore, this collaboration between locals and potential customers has automatically become a win-win situation for both of them. Customers get a chance to discover something new and locals get a new source of income.

While the metaverse and the NFT space were rapidly evolving during the pandemic, the company faced the challenge of combining real-world travel with emerging IT. As a result, we can see the integration of NFT art and artists into a metaverse experience on the platform. Today, the service offers both real world tours and private experiences around the world, as well as activities in the metaverse. Moreover, is the first media service to showcase the world’s first artwork to combine traditional art media with innovative NFT technology.

The concept of NFT in the business travel industry is inextricably linked to the growing blockchain technology. For example, blockchain can be used for secure payments, building customer loyalty systems and customer authentication. Today, NFT is helping to build the next generation of loyalty programs and passports for identification throughout the journey.

NFT travel marketing is still in its infancy, but as NFT technology and use cases expand, such promotional activities are likely to become more widespread. NFTs are a new technology and although the use cases are limited today, there is a lot of potential in this space when it comes to elevating the traveler’s life cycle.

Nevertheless, today we can observe how this modern technology changes the familiar world by adapting it to the customer.

What does the travel industry expect from the NFT market? The experts said that it will be one of the most impressive changes in the global travel industry as NFT is becoming integrated in tourism. NFT shows hosted by world famous hotels, brand new travel loyalty programs – what’s next? An expert explains who stands to gain the most from this digital integration.

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