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VeeCon 2022 was eagerly awaited by NFT fans around the world for its 19th-22nd dates. May 2022. Overall, this amazing summit event was a huge success. The ten most memorable VeeCon 2022 moments are listed below.

1-The marriage proposal in the main area of ​​VeeCon

The proposal must be presented. Is this correct? On the second day of VeeCon 2022, a VeeFriend fan asked @paul heyne his girlfriend. She answered eagerly, as with many good endings. Gary Vee and the crowd took part in the joy of the newlyweds and filled the US Bank Stadium with joy. Gary Vee addressed the audience directly to express his gratitude. Not bad for someone who was approved by VeeCon just a few weeks ago.

2-Use K dollars to build

Using K-dollars to build

The NFT community will remember “BUILDING” for a long time thanks to K Money. If you are not familiar with K Money, you should research it. In the NFT industry, K Money is the first real comedy. His antics had taken the town by storm and people lined up with his “Building” trick wherever it went.

To understand what we mean, watch this video. K Money now rubs shoulders with celebrities and proves that even celebrities have intervened. Check out these stunning “building” photos at this year’s VeeCon:

3-Meeting the great ones, Gary Vee!

Meeting-the-great-self, -Gary-Vee!

Over the past week, we’re all seen an incredible amount of “Me with Gary Vee” movies. As a result, a meeting with Gary Vee will be included. Gary Vaynerchuk is a successful entrepreneur, writer, speaker and network star who also advocates for non-financial business. He is the creator of VeeFriends and VeeCon, in particular. It is safe to say that we were excited to meet him.

Ricky, a filmmaker, and Ola, editor of NFTevening, were able to get an exclusive interview with him! See how happy they are! I’m not sure we’ll ever succeed if we do not succeed now …

4-Do you want to dance with a bored monkey?

Simple photos could now come to life with Emmi. Bored Ape 1398 was seen socializing, dancing and sloping with conference attendees at VeeCon 2022. With the immi app you could see this Bored Ape in augmented reality, as if it were on VeeCon with you!

Immi was created for free artists to enjoy the pleasure, enjoyment and flexibility of being whoever they choose. The real-time animation platform makes 3D full-body images with movie quality and face-measurement technology accessible to anyone. Download it from the app store to try it out for yourself.

5-What about ‘Crypto Boy’ Salem Ilese at VeeCon 2022?

What about-Salem-Ilese-'Crypto-Boy'-at-VeeCon-2022

With his song “Crypto Boy”, an American singer and singer ignited the crowd. Yes, she is a TikTok contestant in open verse. Her opening verse Crypto Boy was so catchy that it quickly swept over the NFT community.

Crypto Boy’s NFT singles are released today if you’re a fan. The Center for Reproductive Rights will reportedly receive all proceeds from this auction. This group works to promote reproductive rights as a fundamental human right throughout the world.

6-Betty from Deadfellas has arrived!


I’m ecstatic to finally meet Betty, Horde Mother from Deadfellaz! The Deadfellaz booth was one of the most popular at VeeCon 2022. Her week Betty was also rather busy, she started by doing it herself (only on NFTevening). Betty, an NFT icon, signed a few items and talked to us about the herd. She also appeared on the Polaris stage at the conference.

7-When Steve Aoki caked Beeple’s face

This will definitely be one of the most unforgettable VeeCon 2022 moments, in everyone’s opinion. So Steve Aoki, armed with a giant cake, leads Beeple to the center of the stage. Then he jumps about ten meters and grabs Beeple mercilessly. I’m not sure why Beeple agreed, but I think this will be the most memorable VeeCon 2022 event. Anyway, at least we didn’t go down without explaining ourselves first.

8-Painted with FEWOCiOUS at the VeeCon opening party

Paint-with-FEW-at-the-VeeCon opening party

Victor, better known as @fewocious, is a 19-year-old NFT artist who is making waves. His works are popular with art collectors, investors and members of the NFT community. Many people attended his paint parties and produced art together in real life at VeeCon 2022. Also check out FewoWorld! I promise you will not be disappointed.

9-Gary Vee and Wyclef Jean do the dance routine.

On stage, Gary Vee and Wyclef Jean performed some dance routines. Crowds erupted as Gary wore a hood and danced crime style. You are undoubtedly a man with many talents. Here’s a little video of Gary Vee dancing and enjoying the time of his life. I’m sure he does not care if you do not appreciate his dancing ability. Check to see the smile on his face.

10-There were some excellent stage producers at VeeCon

There were -s-some-excellent-performers-during-VeeCon

There were so many great stage shows on the program for VeeCon 2022 participants throughout the event. Adrian Be, Lul, Millie Go Lightly and TLC appeared on the first day. On day 2 we saw Garzi, Lian Faz, Immasoul, Lil Polo Tee and Miguel. There were numerous side shows in addition to the many that took place between the various events and discussions.

Overall, no event compares to VeeCon. These are some of our favorite memories, but you could have more. We got the idea that Web2 was moving closer to Web3 as a whole during the event. Who knows what will happen when VeeCon 2023 launches?

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