It’s Binance Party at the Primavera Sound Festival with their strategic partnership – Mail Bonus

At Primavera Sound Festivals, you can live the crypto life with exclusive NFT and blockchain opportunities. Whether you’re in Barcelona or Porto, a visit to Binance Booth and Stage will introduce you to new cryptocurrency payment options and non-Fiat (NFT) currency.

Binance is pleased to announce a strategic relationship with the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, ​​Spain and Porto, Portugal for 2022. The Primavera Sound Foundation will host the festival, which will be held in both cities in June 2022 and will feature music, culture, and educational opportunities of the highest quality. quality category.

Binance will showcase the latest NFT and blockchain technology regardless of the weekend or place you visit. Due to the fact that Web3 mixes blockchain technology, user data ownership and how we interact with information, Primavera Sound is the right platform to showcase its offerings. When you visit one of our Binance camps, you can see an insight into the future today.

Binance’s presence at Primavera Sound: what expectations can I have if I anticipate?

Consider Binance Stage and Booth

On the Binance stage during Primavera Sound Barcelona you can watch all your favorite acts. At the Binance booths in Porto and Barcelona, ​​you can also activate POAP NFT, get your Mystery Box and win Binance items.

Binance Pay is a digital currency created by Binance

Thanks to Binance Pay, Primavera Sound participants will be able to pay with bitcoin for the first time. Binance Pay will be accepted at fifty points of sale and users will receive five BUSD flights for the first time. See How to Use Binance Pay and Binance Pay x Primavera Sound Terms and Conditions for more information.

Get access to NFT technology. In addition to learning about NFT, Primavera participants will be able to claim and own them.

NFT Mystery Box Primavera Sound 2022 Attendance Verification Protocol (POAP):

Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) The NFT Mystery Box for “Primavera Sound Barcelona 2022” is available to Primavera Sound Barcelona 2022 ticket holders. NOS Primavera Sound Porto 2022 ticket holders will also receive the NOS Primavera Sound 2022 POAP NFT Mystery Box. Only one POAP NFT can be applied for on a ticket.

POAP NFT are exclusive memories that are only available to ticket holders. Which acts as a reliable record of attendance. POAP NFT will give you access to events and awards at Binance Camp, as well as additional benefits that Primavera Sound will be announcing in the future.

Binance NFT could potentially provide new tools for Primavera Sound 2022 POAP NFT holders in the future. These benefits may include eligibility for future game offerings and participation in the subscription system sales.

Holders of Primavera Sound Barcelona 2022 SSR will receive a free ticket with full access to Primavera Sound Barcelona 2023. SSR “NOS Primavera Sound 2022” NFT holders will receive a free ticket with full access to Primavera Sound Porto 2023.

Special Primavera sound guests receive the NFT Mystery Box

Not even close. Binance has also developed exclusive NFT collections for Primavera Sound 2021 ticket holders (who have not requested a refund and will be leaving this year). Primavera Sound Barcelona 2022 participants will receive “Primavera Sound Member” NFT, while NOS Primavera Sound Porto 2022 participants will receive “NOS Primavera Sound Member” NFT. Only one NFT member can be claimed on the ticket.

SSR “Primavera Sound Member” NFT or “NOS Primavera Sound Member” NFT holders will receive a free Primavera Sound full ticket to any international version of the music festival in 2023.

How to file an NFT claim

2022 Primavera Sound Porto NOS Use the Binance app or camera on your smartphone to scan the QR code on the Binance card distributed at the main entrance of the festival. You will then be sent to the Binance platform. Create a Binance account or sign up for one.

Enter the promotional code on your Binance-labeled credit card

  • Claim the benefits of your NFT:

-Use the “Access Ticket” app for Primavera Sound to access the event.

-To claim your NFT, go to the Gifts and NFTs section of your app label and click [Claim].

-After typing [Claim]you will be sent to the Binance platform.

-Create a Binance account or sign up for one.

-Come with NFT requirement.

-Tag us on a photo to have a chance to win the NFT Mystery Box.

Time: 2022-06-02 10:00 am (UTC) to 2022-06-12 18:00 am (UTC)

Participants in the Primavera Sound Festival 2022 who meet all of the following local requirements will be eligible to win the NFT Mystery Box. Each of the hundreds of original users who meet the following criteria will receive the NFT Mystery Box.

Twitter: Leave a comment on the announcement post on the Binance NFT Twitter page with your photo and the hashtag #BNFTxPrimavera. The post will be posted online June 2 to encourage event attendees to claim and share their POAP NFT.

Instastory: Share a photo of yourself on Instagram with the hashtags #BNFTxPrimavera and #BinancePrimavera. You can find Binance NFT on Instagram and Twitter.

Use POAP NFT to take a photo. At Primavera Sound, the image should include both your face and the Binance logo.

Upload a photo to one of the following social media sites to participate:

Within 28 days of completing the operation, users will receive Mystery Boxes via airdrop. Winners can find their mystery boxes at Binance NFT Market> User Center> Mystery box.

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