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Tony hawk skatepark in Sandbox metaverse – Mail Bonus


In a recent press release, the legendary skateboard champion Tony Hawk announced that he had collaborated with Sandbox. The idea is to build the largest virtual bicycle park ever built in Metaverse, ‘Tony Hawk LAND’. The Tony Hawk 3D avatar collection will accompany the skate park.

The project is a tripartite collaboration between The Sandbox, Tony Hawk Inc, and Autograph, with whom Tony has previously collaborated.

Tony Hawk should not have to be promoted, both as a skateboard legend (12th in a row as a world champion in skateboarding) and as an entrepreneur. His video game, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, with sales of over $ 1.4 billion, testifies to his entrepreneurial talent.

Tony Hawk LAND

They will build the metaverse bicycle park on a 6 × 6 plot of land in the sandbox, so called, “the largest virtual bicycle park ever made”. As part of the game’s functionality, players will be given the tools to create ramp and skate challenges and unlock digital equipment.

In PR, Tony Hawk explains the reason for his latest project in Web3,

“I’ve been a fan of new technology all my life – from the first computer games and home computers with CGI capabilities – so I’m fascinated by Metaverse and excited to bring our culture into the virtual landscape. The sandbox


The sandbox to house the Skatepark

The Sandbox, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is a grave virtual world based on the Ethereum blockchain. The gaming venue is often described as a virtual property, partly and partly an amusement park in Metaverse. It allows players to buy and build on the virtual lands and earn codes with their game experience.

Sandbox sees Tony Hawk as the ultimate partner to add over 300 projects, including Snoop Dogg, to the podium.

Sebastian Borget COO, co-founder of Sandbox, said: “We share his passion for innovation, creativity and the motivation to constantly create something: this is the energy that drives our entertainment studio. There is no better way to create a skateboarding culture The sandbox. “

As part of the partnership, The Sandbox will make any NFT and digital gear compatible with Sandbox Metaverse. They will convert the included 3D avatar NFTs to 3D voxel versions. According to the press release, “The 3D voxel versions that have in-game functionality for experience, add utility and value for their owners.

Tony Hawk 3D Avatars by autograph

Tony Hawk has previously worked with the NFT platform Autograph. Autograph is partly owned by Tom Brady and focuses on NFT collections of famous sports stars, including Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods and Wayne Gretsky.

Autograph will design a collection of Tony Hawk 3D avatars, as well as some of his best-known skateboards, digital equipment and clothing for use in the virtual bike park of the virtual world.

One NFT from the collection is definitely more in demand than another, a digital replica of the skateboard he used in the 1999 X games. The moment is engraved in the history of skateboarding as it is the first time anyone lands 900, one of the most difficult tricks of skateboarding.

Dillon Rosenblatt, co-founder and CEO of Autograph, said they were once again “excited to work with Tony Hawk and the Sandbox” to build a unique virtual experience at Metaverse Skate Park.


After his continued success in video games, Tony wants to explore the possibilities of blockchain games. Even in this cryptic winter, who would doubt its potential for long-term success.

As always, if you invest in NFT, there is a chance of losing your investment. It’s important to DYOR and keep up with the latest NFT news.

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