Top 5 Currencies to Watch This Week: BTC, ETH, XTZ, KCS, AAVE

Top 5 Currencies to Watch This Week: BTC, ETH, XTZ, KCS, AAVE – Mail Bonus

After falling for eight consecutive weeks, the Dow Jones industrial average fell back last week and ended higher at 6.2%. However, Bitcoin (BTC) has failed to replicate the performance of US stock markets, threatening to paint a red candle for the ninth week in a row.

A positive sign is that Bitcoin whales have been buying the market correction. Glassnode data show that the number of Bitcoin whale wallets with a status of 10,000 Bitcoin or more has risen to the highest level since February 2021. The accumulation in whale wallets indicates that their long-term vision for Bitcoin remains bullish.

Daily view of cryptocurrency market data. Source: Coin 360

Blockware Solutions noted that the Mayer Multiple Measurement, which compares a 200-day simple moving average with current prices, was dying “close to some of the lowest measurements ever measured. The company said that some other evidence also suggests that Bitcoin is trying to form a bottom.

If Bitcoin starts to recover in a short time, it is likely that certain altcoins will follow higher. Let’s study the charts of the top 5 cryptocurrencies that could lead the relief meeting.