Voyage in Paradise, the world's leading record label and artist-enhanced 'Listen to Earn' project, announces Rave Republic as its official partner

Voyage in Paradise, the world’s leading record label and artist-enhanced ‘Listen to Earn’ project, announces Rave Republic as its official partner – Mail Bonus

Catheon Gaming & King Pillar Limited are working together to integrate real-time entertainment into Web3

Voyage in Paradise (“ViP / the Project”), the first international top-of-the-line and artist-enhanced “Listen to Earn” project, announces today’s new Top 100 turntable public partner, Rave Republic. ViP is developed jointly by Catheon Gaming (“CG”) and King Pillar Limited (“KPL”) and collaborates with top DJs and musicians to bring the audience a comprehensive blockchain music experience.

ViP invites top artists from all over the world to be part of the ecosystem and Rave Republic (2021 Top 100 DJs DJ Mag) is the latest addition to the list. Rave Republic’s debut, ‘Far Away’, founded by Matthias and Stas in 2014, went straight to number one on the iTunes Dance List. The year 2022 marks their 8th year in the music space, the fourth time that the Top 100 turntable recorded duo has gone from obscurity to playing at some of the biggest clubs and events, as well as producing songs at the top of the global charts. Rave Republic also actively participates in new songs and releases music on the album release W & W – Rave Culture, along with many other leading releases.

The project itself is designed by Catheon Gaming, the fast-growing integrated blockchain gaming and entertainment company, and the music industry’s leader and IP festival owner, King Pillar Limited, to create a whole new way to enjoy music and entertainment. The project aims to integrate blockchain technology into the music community by elevating real-world entertainment through the virtual and distributed world of Web3.

ViP’s concept is about “listening to earn” models, metaverse concert venues, NFT record publishing services, a music radio station and a distributed autonomous organization (DAO). The goal is to promote a genuine, cohabiting relationship with listeners and musicians. Listeners will be rewarded for listening to exhibition-directed music, artists will be able to create ecosystems for participation with their fans, and producers and artists will be able to publish their music in the form of NFTs on the blockchain. In addition, NFT owners will have the right to access related songs and albums, and music-related benefits and gifts.

Rave Republic, the official partner of Voyage in Paradise & 2021 DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs, said: “We are very excited to be a part of Voyage in Paradise, to develop this unique experience for our fans and all music lovers. Supported by the project’s revolutionary features on the blockchain, the barrier between artists and fans in the traditional music consumption model will be greatly reduced and open up possibilities for new ways to enjoy entertainment. We look forward to taking the project to new heights and cultivating a community of entertainment and music students in the Web3 era “.

William Wu, founder of Catheon Gaming, said: “We are pleased to have KPL as a partner in this exciting new project, which will play an important role in giving us the opportunity to take advantage of the large network of those connections. The aim of the project is twofold, to deliver a comprehensive entertainment experience on the blockchain, but also to develop a more efficient distribution model, where artists and producers will be encouraged to provide the audience with maximum entertainment value.

JC Chao, founder and CEO of King Pillar Limited, said: “This is the first step for Voyage in Paradise to revolutionize the music industry with blockchain technology. We are grateful to Catheon Gaming for providing invaluable advice and expertise in taking the project to the next level. KPL will continue to work with our partners with the same goal of building a sustainable music ecosystem, which will seek to disrupt the current profit model of music and entertainment, and ultimately deliver power to the community and entertainers.

About a trip to paradise

Voyage in Paradise, developed jointly by Catheon Gaming and King Pillar Limited, is the first “listen to earn” music ecosystem enhanced by the world’s leading artists and turntables. The project aims to promote a genuine coexistence with listeners and musicians by integrating GameFi, metaverse concert venues, NFT record publishing services and music publishing in a distributed autonomous organization (DAO).

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About Catheon Gaming

Catheon Gaming is the fastest growing integrated blockchain gaming and entertainment company worldwide. The company’s flagship concession, SolChicks, entered the market following a successful fundraiser from various venture capitalists, institutions and startup partners. The company brings together technology, gaming and marketing expertise with deep roots in the blockchain industry. The company’s policy is to partner with leading game developers and IP owners to grow and launch “best in class” blockchain games and bring them to the widest possible audience.

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About King Pillar LimitedKing Pilliar Limited (KPL) is a leading pioneering entertainment group with a strong love of music, meticulous execution with a reliable location and an international network to create a unique entertainment experience that unites Western and Eastern cultures with its fans in much of China. KPL offers full-service event solutions, including world-class festival events, cultural and tourism planning, creative event promotion, local ticket sales, event management and international IP collaboration, and also has exclusive Asian licenses for Groove Cruise Asia and We Are Electric. China.

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