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What happened to the world of NFT this week – Mail Bonus

Mastercard to make direct NFT purchases, NFT floor prices collapse and more

Last week, Apocalyptic Apes maker Bill Starkov told the Cointelegraph that NFT owners could make millions by approving their NFTs.

This week highlights Mattel signing a multi-year partnership with NFT Marketplace, a Mastercard plan to allow cardholders to buy NFT fast with their cards, and NFT owners can earn millions of dollars through intelligent ownership for their NFT.

Investors in NFTs can also discover more about tariff reductions for well-known museums such as Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks, but this week’s summary focuses on Kraft Food’s and Seth Green’s portfolio merging with its BAYC NFT.

Mattel signed a multi-year deal with the Cryptoys NFT marketplace

Mattel, a well-known toy brand, is partnering with the NFT marketplace Cryptoys to point out its brands such as Barbie and Hot Wheels as playable NFT frames. Richard Dickson, chairman of the toy company, believes that there are opportunities for the brand within central areas. The toys will have the title of Cryptoys metaverse made by OnChain Studios as in other games that the company has developed.

In the summer of 2022, the studio will inaugurate the Cryptoys NFT marketplace on top of the blockchain Flow, Mattel has also dipped its toes in the NFT area by securing a partnership with the Wax blockchain in 2021 to release the Hot Wheels NFT show.

Mastercard to enable 2.9B cardholders to create direct NFT investments

To buy NFT, fiat owners first want to recycle their wealth in cryptocurrencies. The financial services company Mastercard intends to change this by allowing its 2.9 billion cardholders an investment in NFT immediately without conflicting with buying cryptocurrencies first.

The economic giant has partnered with several NFT marketplace operators such as Immutable X, Candy Digital, The Sandbox, Mintable, Spring and NFT Gateway to incorporate spending technology that enables users to purchase NFTs quickly. Apart from the marketplaces, Mastercard has also developed a partnership with MoonPay, which provides cryptographic features on and off the track.

NFT owners can earn millions through IP contracts, announces Apocalyptic Apes maker.

Cointelegraph asked Bill Starkov, maker of Apocalyptic Apes and a BAYC partner. As for Starkov, a way to generate revenue by utilizing NFTs away from concrete is fair by accepting the intelligent ownership of NFTs.

Starkov explained that the owners of BAYC can buy income by “giving permission for their monkeys for marketing purposes. Similarly, the director of Apocalyptic Apes said that other shows could do the same. Earlier, Starkov announced that communities would first have to settle down and wait for the program behind their NFTs to grow.

The price of the well-known NFT museums is falling due to the bear market

Within the recent demand for bears, the price of the well-known NFT collections BAYC and CryptoPunks has plunged. BAYC has moved from its historical maximum payout of 153.7 Ether (ETH) to 74 ETH. On the other hand, CryptoPunks also drops from ATH 123 ETH to 48 ETH, as shown on the NFT Price Floor search page.

Kraft Foods signs for NFT and Metaverse patents, Seth Green brings his monkey back and more

The production authorities of Kraft Foods Group have recently presented NFT and metaverse inventions. The company documented trademark claims for Kraft, Jell-O, Kool-Aid and other trademarks in its class. At the same time, entertainer Seth Green earned a BAYC NFT that had been snatched and exchanged for another man. The player spent 165 ETH to buy NFT back.

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