What is MetaPay and how does it work?

What is MetaPay and how does it work? – Mail Bonus

When people started communicating with each other through the wired communication system of the Internet, not so long ago, it started a revolution in the proportion of users of the consent technology in question.

Users could talk more easily anywhere and anytime when wiretapping gives way to mobile technology. For example, smartphones are now bringing a flood of other services to Metaverse. The Metaverse is a three-dimensional virtual space that acts as a metaphor for reality. The term “metaverse” is derived from “meta” (beyond) and “universe”.

In this article, we will discuss the MetaPay project and how to buy MPAY tokens. We will also examine whether it is safe to invest in MetaPay.

What is the MetaPay project?

MetaPay is a payment method that allows users to make purchases in the Metaxion universe. MPay token, commonly known as MetaPay, is a native identifier of the payment system based on metaverse. It is a simple payment method that requires customers to have MetaPay tokens to invest in the Metaxion universe.

As a tool, its purpose varies by Metaxion universe and serves users in different ways. For example, you can earn MetaPay tokens by selling the country you purchased and you can also exchange your MPay tokens for any cryptocurrency you want.

How does MetaPay work?

The virtual payment system created by the MetaPay project is flexible, secure, fast and meets the needs of institutional and peer-to-peer transactions. Users can make cryptocurrency and fiat-based purchases using the powerful virtual payment cards.

Virtual payments Meta cards in centralized companies will provide easy distributed access to cryptographic payments. Retailers will also be able to settle metaverse payments as well as financial transactions in retail.

Features of the MetaPay payment system application

MetaPay offers a currency wallet where users can pre-charge their virtual debit cards with multiple cryptocurrencies. There is also no limit to pre-charging your wallet. Debit cards are also secured and protected with custom encrypted code to prevent you from losing money.

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Another feature called MetaPay Blackhole is one of the most sought after service offerings of this project as it appeals to users who value privacy. In addition, users can conduct private transactions using the Blackhole protocol through distributed payment intermediation. For example, you can hide a wallet from the blockchain ledger while transactions are anonymous. However, the crypto anonymous culture may diminish its importance.

In addition, MetaPay has a cross-border platform that allows users to interact with other blockchain networks without restrictions. It now supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Solana (SOL), Binance Coin (BNB), Fantom (FTM) and more.

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How do you buy MPAY tokens?

PancakeSwap and Poocoin are the only places where you can buy MPay tokens at the moment. It will also be possible to buy MetaPay tokens on stock exchanges that the organization will agree on in the future. Please follow the easy steps below to purchase MPay tokens at PancakeSwap:

Download and create a wallet

The Trust wallet is simple and quick to download as it is available in both Android and iOS stores. It is important to set up a wallet after downloading to ensure a smooth purchase process. This involves verifying your identification using the required personal documents such as a passport or national certificate, driver’s license, etc.

Buy a BNB token and attach it to your wallet

Search for “BNB” in the search tab on your wallet and buy the amount of BNB tokens you want. At the bottom of the screen, click “DApps” and select PancakeSwap. Then connect to the wallet of your choice (in this example, Trust Wallet).

Select “Trusted Wallet” to continue the purchase process of MPay tokens.

Confirm the exchange to complete the purchase

In the search box of the popup that appears, enter the MetaPay agreement address (you can copy the address from CoinMarketCap). You can change the slip resistance level in the Exchange section in the home screen settings. To confirm the exchange and complete the purchase of the Trust Wallet, click on the “Confirm Exchange” button, as shown in the image below.

Accept the transaction to complete the purchase

After confirming the exchange, you can see the entire transaction history and online charges before finally accepting the transaction. To do so, click the “Accept” button and your purchase of MPay tokens will be completed.

Is it safe to invest in MetaPay?

There is no clarity about the team behind the MetaPay project. In addition, a logo similar to Meta (formerly Facebook) without any collaboration with the agency could make you question the authenticity of the project. However, MetaPay tokenomics revealed that 75% of MPay tokens are reserved for the community, 20% for initial incineration and 5% for marketing and teams. Also, Valid Proof reviewed the project and found no red flag.

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Notwithstanding the above, you should do your research before relying on project symbolism or third-party audits while making an investment decision, as the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. You might be wondering why MetaPay is so bullish.

Any project that is new and has a new approach can show an optimistic future ahead. However, analyzing cryptocurrencies carefully before investing is a precautionary measure that will help you avoid losing your hard earned money.

Furthermore, it depends on a person’s personal financial goals, how much risk he or she can bear and what the estimated return on investment is. If you think the project is good enough to achieve your goals, you can continue with it; otherwise, look for institutions that are suitable for your investment portfolio.