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The uprising of Metaverse projects continues as the space is expanding beyond borders. Metaverse is a persistent 3D online world that combines many different virtual spaces, for example Metaxion which includes MetaPay as one of the basic modules. In this article, we aim to provide a detailed guide on MetaPay. To get a better understanding of MetaPay, we advise you to familiarize yourself with Metaverse and how to join it here.

MetaPay is a payment method that allows users to make purchases in the Metaxion universe. Metapay, or Mpay for short, is the token that powers the metaverse-based payment system. It is an easy to use payment method that requires users to have an MPay token. Users can use their dynamic virtual payment cards to make crypto- and fiat-based purchases. In order to function optimally, users must have a Meta card, a customized MetaPay virtual debit card.

MetaCards provide an unlimited number of retail and Metaverse payments and transactions with supported cryptocurrencies. The Metaxion universe is one of the ecosystems that inhabit the Metaverse. Metaxion users must own MPay tokens to purchase tokens in the space. Indeed, Mpay is a tool that has diverse functionality throughout the Metaxion universe and serves users in many capacities. Users can use a browser with a custom terminal link to access the MetaPay virtual payment system. There is also potential for web extensions and embedded DApps that can be expanded into mobile apps on Android and iOS devices.

How does MetaPay work?

MetaPay is a blockchain open payment and settlement system designed to respond to the needs of Metaverse users in a new way. This virtual payment system is fast, secure and flexible, offering peer-to-peer and institutional transactions. Users are offered fully functional dynamic payment cards, which basically work just like credit and debit cards. These cards improve easy decentralized access to crypto payments in centralized trading institutions and companies. In addition, it also allows collectors and users to settle retail or Metaverse financial payments and transactions.

MetaPay is not only the MPay exchange but also supports multiple cryptocurrencies. It also aims to integrate a borrowing function through its MetaPay Save Crypto platform. This feature also provides users and collectors with many options to borrow cryptocurrency, especially stablecoins. However, users can still fully experience the space as they still have the option to execute transactions and spend their existing crypto holdings. Hence system users face no restrictions to grow their portfolios. According to the developers of the project, this activity will begin in the second half of 2022.

What are the unique features of MetaPay?

As you may have already noticed, MetaPay offers a Save Crypto platform, which allows users to borrow cryptocurrencies to spend. Although, according to the roadmap, MetaPay’s services are extensive. It also offers a payment platform that offers users exciting products tailored specifically to enhance their experience. Now let’s take a look at MetaPay’s unique features.

1. MetaPay Blackhole

MetaPay Blackhole is a decentralized protocol that works on the payment platform. It allows users to conduct private transactions confidentially. Also, users can hide wallets from the blockchain ledger while doing anonymous transactions. Blackhole appears to be one of MetaPay’s much-needed service offerings as it appeals to users who prefer to remain anonymous.

2. Currency Wallet

The currency wallet provides users with the opportunity to pre-load their debit cards with various cryptocurrencies. The amount of cryptocurrency in this wallet is equal to the converted amount at the time of purchase. There are no restrictions placed on the wallet and users can preload as much as they want on it.

3. Internal integration

MetaPy is also fully integrated with many blockchain systems and protocols across the crypto space. This platform is a cross-border platform that sets no limits for user participation with other blockchain networks. It is known to support many cryptocurrencies and tokens like Bitcoin, Erc20, BSC, FTM, SOL etc.

4. Security storage

MetaPay debit cards are designed to include unique security features to help users protect their funds from hackers. MetaPay further keeps the debit cards safe and secure by using a custom encrypted code to avoid loss of funds. The team offers to provide all these measures to give users reassurance about their properties.

5. Reliable and low cost

Although most Metaverse spaces charge their users high gas fees, MetaPay chooses to charge low fees while offering users perks like cashback rewards. However, users should note that if they want to change their virtual cards, they will have to pay a fee. Alternatively, there are also options to upgrade MetaCards, which costs a fee.

Why should you use MetaPay?

MetaPay promises to offer its users a reliable, fast, seamless payment method in the Metaxion universe and throughout the Metaverse. In the future, the platform plans to introduce pledges, which will allow multiple users to earn rewards. Users can grow their portfolios with daily savings to pledge as well as a proportional amount earned as rewards, while still being able to spend. The platform’s customer service is also active 24/7 to assist users with all requests, from complaints to card replacement. MetaPay ensures that its users get the best satisfaction with its integrated system that applies to the entire Metaxion universe.

MPAY token

MPAY is a token that can be accessed in the Metaxion universe and is accepted by crypto exchanges such as Binance, PancakeSwap and VinDAX. Users can use MPAY to sell parcels and avatars purchased in Metaxion and turn them into tokens. However, 5% of its sales and 3% of its purchases are for investors, based on trading volume. In fact, the 50 billion tokens allocated for the team are locked in DXSale along with liquidity. MPAY’s total supply is one trillion coins and 200 billion tokens have been burned so far. In addition, MetaPay token reserves 20% of its total supply for IDO, 10% for platform and 15% for marketing and advertising. It also reserves 10% of the total offer for collaboration, team and community stimulation. The last 25% of the total supply is used for farming rewards.

How to buy MPAY tokens?

At the time of writing, users are only allowed to purchase MPAY tokens from PancakeSwap and Poocoin. However, the developer hopes to integrate multiple exchanges to allow users to purchase the tokens in the future. In the following, you will learn the steps to buy Pancakeswap.

Download and create a wallet

There are many digital wallets available on the Android and iOS stores that you can choose from, for example MetaMask. After downloading a digital wallet, it is important to set the necessary KYC details and verify your identity.

Transfer the BNB balance to your wallet

Go to the home screen and enter the BNB section and tap on the receive button. Copy the BNB contract address on the screen and transfer BNB from your Binance account or other wallet.

Join PancakeSwap

Connect PancakeSwap with your digital wallet to perform buy and sell transactions. In the “To” section, tap “Select a currency.” Enter MetaPay’s contract address in the search section of the pop-up window that opens. You can change the amount of anti-slip from the settings in the Exchange section of the home screen.

Is it safe to invest in MetaPay?

One negative point about MetaPay is that there is no clarity about the team behind the MetaPay project. Also, a logo that looks like Meta (formerly Facebook) without any kind of association with an organization makes people question the credibility of the project. However, MetaPay tokens showed that 75% of MPay tokens are reserved for the community, 20% for initial burn and 5% for marketing and team. In addition, the Valid Proof company investigated the data of the project and found no secrets about it.

With everything said above, always remember to do a lot of research before relying on a project theory or third party reviews when making an investment decision as the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile.

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