What is NFT staking and how to generate revenue from NFTs?

What is NFT staking and how to generate revenue from NFTs? – Mail Bonus

We all know about mortgaging cryptocurrencies, where you get a return on your investment. Nowadays, you can also make money by placing your inflexible tokens (NFT)! By attaching your rigid tokens (NFT) to NFT mortgages, you can return a higher return on your investment. NFTs have become even more attractive as a result of these developments.

More and more people are looking for new ways to make money without having to work for it. Inactive income used to be something that the rich could get through the bank because interest rates on savings accounts were quite high. Nowadays, you hardly get interest on your money in the bank; in some cases you even have to pay for your savings! Due to relatively high rewards for cryptocurrencies and NFTs betting, a new age option has been found.

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What is NFT staking?

Setting up your NFTs is a way to put your unique icon to work on the blockchain. NFT images are often associated with digital images, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club Museum, but they can be anything from digital art to video files to parts of a game. NFT mortgaging means that you inflexibly attach your symbols to a platform or protocol. In exchange for this action, you will receive a prize. This way, you can earn extra while remaining an NFT owner.

You can compare this way of mortgaging with a diversified financing (DeFi) return economy, where cryptocurrencies are borrowed or sent to liquidity lenders to earn rewards with interest or transaction costs incurred by others. This way of earning interest is similar to that obtained through a bank, but in this case there is no intermediary. The NFT share belongs to the diversified financial world while the banking form is centralized.

How does NFT staking work?

NFT mortgaging works in the same way as encrypting cryptocurrencies because NFTs are assets represented. Also, for NFT, not every variable can be set, just as this is not possible for every symbol. Because NFTs are identified assets, you can place them on an NFT mortgage platform where you can keep them safe. This is possible through a smart agreement on relevant blockchain protocols.

Even though betting NFTs is a relatively new concept, many NFT owners are very excited about this development. This is because the unchangeable symbol is unique, which makes the holder reluctant to sell. This is the big difference between cryptocurrencies, where you can easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies. To bet on NFT, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet, which must match the NFT in question.

First, check if your favorite wallet also matches the blockchain on which NFT is located. Then you need to connect the wallet to the touch panel so you can send your NFT computers to the platform. This action can be likened to putting your coin in the bag. Both can be performed by going to the individual part of the platform.

NFT staking prize

The type of mortgage that NFT owners can receive for distributing their NFT depends on the venue and type of NFT. Most NFT betting platforms offer regular rewards, which are often paid out daily or weekly. These prizes are often paid out in the forum’s dataset, but there are exceptions. Apart from the token used to wager rewards, you can swap payout tokens and possibly convert them into other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

In addition, there are risk platforms that have decentralized independent organizations (DAOs). Here, NFT owners can lock their assets into a DAO pool, also known as an NFT hot tub, which allows them to participate in management activities on the platform. This often includes the right to vote when submitting proposals. It is also possible to make the proposals yourself, but it varies by DAO.

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Because a large portion of NFTs in the NFT market belong to various blockchain games, there are also various opportunities to bet on games to earn such as Axie Infinity (AXS), The Sandbox (SAND) and Splinterlands (SPS). In games to earn, you can earn not only cryptography but also NFT. This makes it possible to earn NFT for free and then mortgage them!

How to earn passive income from NFTs?

If you have NFT in your wallet, you can use it to generate inactive income. NFT staking is the latest way to build inactive revenue with blockchain technology. With any source of income, you must invest in advance. While this can be in cash or in time, passive income through NFTs is achieved primarily through money investing.

When looking for a way to build inactive revenue with NFTs, it is helpful to pay attention to a few things, as shown below.

However, this also has its advantages. The popularity of the game can also increase, allowing you to earn on NFT itself. It is therefore important to do proper research on NFT as well as the market, utility and rewards.

NFT ruler platforms

There are countless different NFT platforms, which means that one example of a platform is not all right. To give you a better idea of ​​the variants in this field, we draw attention to some NFT platforms. Due to the large number of NFT players that can be earned, there are many examples in this area, but did you know that stock exchanges are also actively involved in NFT mortgaging?

Binance NFT PowerStation

Binance Fan Tokens is a betting platform where NFT holders can earn money by supporting their favorite sports teams. By deploying their NFT devices, they can earn additional Binance Fan Tokens. Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, with tens of millions of users worldwide. In addition, Binance provides its users with the most services, including NFT mortgaging.

Binance Fan Tokens are tokens associated with a specific sports team. With this symbol, the holders of symbols can enjoy various privileges. As a token holder, for example, you can benefit from ticket sales or have a say in important decisions within the sports club. Binance Fan Tokens are primarily in demand among those who are in sports clubs, but can also be used by artists or other celebrities, who have a lot of followers.


Another example of an NFT staking platform is the MOBOX platform, a game based on blockchain. MOBOX has a metaverse called MOMOverse, where you can find different NFT. You can trade these NFTs on the MOBOX marketplace, but you can also invest in them and build inactive revenue. Each MOMO has different characteristics, as its hash power is generated at random.

When you pledge MOMO, you can receive a management symbol from MOBOX as a pledge. The number of prizes is calculated based on the number of MOMOs you place on it. Because each MOMO is rare, the hash power also varies, affecting the prize. MOBOX is of course one of many examples. Well-known NFT games like Splinterlands and Axie Infinity also offer this service for NFT holders!

What are the best NFT to bet on?

When deciding to bet on your NFTs, it is important to have a good idea of ​​what you want to achieve. To find the best NFT for a mortgage, you need to know where the opportunities are. Good market research is therefore very important. There are different NFTs you can play, each with its own characteristics. Make sure your policy is clear to you.

Do you enjoy playing and want to invest in this industry? For example, an NFT betting platform like Splinterlands is an interesting option for you. This earn game is based on the Ethereum blockchain allowing players to earn extra with NFT mortgages. Always keep in mind that NFTs can also decrease in value, so there is also a risk involved in placing your invariant symbol.