What makes NFTs valuable and why are they so valuable?

What makes NFTs valuable and why are they so valuable? – Mail Bonus

NFT, also known as immutable symbols represent unique digital assets that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated. The year 2021 was a very breakthrough year for the NFT sector, with total NFT sales exceeding $ 17 billion. So, let’s discover why they are so valuable.

NFT are unchangeable assets and this is what makes them unique. Picasso’s paintings are not interchangeable. In other words, the original image is irreplaceable and unique. In the same way, digital files will be irreplaceable with NFT.

To better understand immutable symbols, we will look at flexibility. “Fraudulent” means that you can exchange one property for another. For example, a common convertible asset is currency. Imagine you have $ 20 and you get two $ 10 bills in return. You have the same value as a new property.

Bitcoin is an example of a variable asset. You can buy products and services with this, which makes it different in nature than NFT.

What differentiates NFT art?

Several factors determine the value of an immutable symbol. What makes NFT valuable?

Here are some things to keep in mind when calculating the value of an inverted symbol (NFT):

  1. Basic value.
  2. Potential value
  3. Buyer’s point of view
  4. Comparable market value

Compared to flexible cryptocurrencies, volatile symbols are divided into smaller units. Bitcoin and Ethereum are examples. Bitcoins are exchanged in Satoshis and Ethereum in Wei.

NFTs are not divisible like Bitcoins. These are rare data in limited quantities. Could not repeat and share? Of course it can, but the advantage of NFT is to turn the property into a token, which means it has a digital ownership certificate attached to the artwork once it has been purchased.

It creates the authenticity and authenticity of the source or NFT you are purchasing. Genuine Picasso will continue to be valuable, even after making counterfeit copies, for sale and hanging in homes or businesses. Reliability proves original value.

How NFTs are made

nft space / digital artwork

Anyone can create a digital file. You, artists, gamers, brands and musicians can create their work and turn it into a blockchain NFTS for sale. We refer to this transformation as coinage.

After that, you can sell them on the marketplace of your choice and set a royalty, so you get paid when someone buys them. Please keep in mind that the fees for these transactions are expensive due to Ethereum blockchain gas charges.

Each time you trade, you pay for the gas used in addition to the sales and purchase price. These fees vary greatly from place to place.

To create NFTs, go to the platform where they are made and traded. Rarible, Ethereum and SuperRare are popular platforms. These systems allow you to build unmodified NFTs using blockchain. That means no one can undo or recreate your NFT.

Once uploaded, collectors can buy and sell as they please.

Various types of value-added NFT

Many types of immutable symbols have some value, but what are the different types of NFTs with value?

Many NFTs are used to verify certificates for digital content such as music, artwork, collectibles, video game objects and so on. The material can be converted into unchangeable symbols and their ownership is traceable and can be checked.

Should You Put Money Into NFTs?

digital collectibles / digital certificates

Many small fish bite into the bait due to the sudden success of NFT. This clogs the space with both rubbish and treasures.

NFTs are worth the investment if the token you buy has real future value. The underlying value represents the value of the company or individual who founded NFT. It depends on the tangible and intangible NFT assets.

For example, Twitter creator Jack Dorsey offered the first tweet. It sold for $ 2 million, but when it was recently put up for resale, it received few bids. Works by other artists have sold for up to $ 50 million or more.

It shows a lot of money in the NFT space and the market determines its value, based on market demand. Like art, NFTs have value, based on what the market says it’s worth.


The increase in value in the NFT market is enormous. But there are problems and problems that still need to be solved. Their carbon footprint is a major concern for NFTs. One NFT can consume a lot of energy and we are talking about millions of NFTs that are bought and sold daily. The environmental impact is considerable. However, many blockchains are addressing this problem and are becoming carbon neutral or even negative.

NFT are young and have few restrictions or rules. We do not yet know how the government and regulators will respond to this or how they will change the law.

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