ZINU The Royalty-Free Zombie NFT

ZINU The Royalty-Free Zombie NFT – Mail Bonus

A fan of The Walking Dead? Then you will love what ZINU has in store for you! ZINU is the world’s only king-free NFT and also serves as the world’s first fully animated 3D zombie. But things are getting better.

ZINU which is an abbreviation of ‘Zombie Inu’ side of humanity while he fights (or barks) hard to keep evil forces at bay. ZINU is constantly being persecuted by some dark forces that are playing and it is under the ‘Zombie Mob’ to help fight the band and stand by ZINU.

What makes ZINU’s approach so special?

Well, ZINU focuses on completely disrupting the NFT industry by creating completely distributed NFT copyrights which means that the rights to NFT are not owned by anyone but the owner. This means that as your character develops within the zombie community, you will have an exclusive right to the character unlike any other NFT where commissions are paid to the owner. So theoretically you could use your unique character for business purposes, from entertainment to games to toys or even clothing. It’s entirely up to you.

What is the most epic way to coin this NFT?

Here is an excerpt from ZINU’s Twitter that explains what they consider to be the most epic way to coin NFTs:

“The most epic way to show your #NFTs? πŸ‘€ Create an elaborate and engaging puzzle that unites the whole community! πŸ§©πŸ«‚

Here is a complete breakdown of what we built and #ZombieMob solved to unlock #ZMSS NFTs!

What’s next for #ZINU? πŸ‘€πŸ•°οΈπŸ”₯πŸš€ #crypto #future “

If you want to see the type of puzzles ZINU created for its regular visitors and for more exclusive content from ZINU Twitter, click here here for all the zombie entertainment.

In essence, the coin for ZINU NFTs was only opened after the community known as the “Zombie Mob” was able to open a series of challenging puzzles. This involved finding the keys to unlock passwords that were hidden in a series of videos they had posted since December. So, the coin date was actually unknown to the mafia until the final puzzle went crazy. When they got up, the curious mafia took about 3-4 days, which is how long it took for the coin to sell out.

The team

ZINU’s team is quite remarkable and consists of senior members from Amazon, Google, Intel and Microsoft who have deep connections and experience in the technology, media and entertainment industry.

However, the team recently received Marvel artists Digger T. Mesch as a huge addition to the already experienced team that delivered this project. Digger T. Mesch is widely known as the founder of ‘Art Asylum’, a collection of toys launched under the name Minimates Toys, which created over 50 additional series of collectibles for Marvel comics.

If you want to read more about Digger T Mesch’s background and participation in the project, click here here.

The game

Zinu will travel over “ZombieVerse” and build his army consisting of Zina monsters known as the “Zombie Mob Secret Society” (ZMSS). #ZombieMob, who is you and me, is cordially invited to follow Zina in her zombie search in ZombieVerse. The ZMSS collection is 10,000 strong and has 1 of 1 uniqueness, giving each NFT holder the opportunity to hold on to completely different Zina characters. There are currently “Billions of unique 3D zombie combinations in full swing once ZINU character combinations have been created” provide a special selection of unique character traits.

Since October, when Zinu first appeared in public, he has attracted over 40,000+ members into his zombie mafia community. One of them is just Nick Carter, singer of the Backstreet Boys, who released his song “Scary Monster” and a music video that contained an exclusive work of art from the NFT project that later introduced itself as ZINU.

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